4 Digital Marketing Models You Should Familiarize Yourself With

Once you pay attention to the many consumer industries, you’ll notice that change in digital technologies is altering the manner in which consumers interact with brands. The consumers of today browse, evaluate, research and purchase in their own time on a platform of their choice. Additionally, consumers continuously engage with numerous brands online even after purchasing as well as share their experiences with each other. A lot of these consumer activities can’t be controlled by companies, plus digital marketing firms […]

Which Posts and Pages should I Serve more Google Ads

Every blogger and publisher wants to increase their earnings through/in advertising of Google Ads on their sites; however there are so many factors to win this. Content is the main ingredient for earnings. More good contents, better SEO, more pageviews, so better earnings. On the other hand, there are some pages and posts that even have a better SEO yet still don’t receive a good count of pageviews. So we have to filter and find pages and posts that received […]

How to Remove and Prevent a Malware in your Self-hosted Website

Malware in your self-hosted site may reduce and affect SEO score and factors such as page rank and traffic rank. So it is important that your site and hosting is free of it. Removing a Malware If your web host/domain provider notifies you that your site was infected by malware, well maybe it is not your site but your whole hosting account. Web host account can handle multiple domains, so even the add-on domains may be infect. Malware removing in your […]

Globe Telecom serves 3G on Northern Zambales

It was confirmed that Globe Telecom serving 3G mobile connection on some parts of northern Zambales such as Sta. Cruz and Candelaria. Zambaleno’s can experience a better, faster internet browsing and downloading on state of 3G up to HSDPA. See more info below,  Downloading Skype.exe through Internet Downloader Manager Date: April 08, 2014 Download Speed: 900+/- Kbps  OOKLA Speed Test Date: June 10, 2014 Download Speed: 5+/- Mbps Upload Speed: 780+/- Kbps Globe Tattoo WiMAX is available now in Sta. […]

How to Check and Adjust Valve Clearance on Motorcycle

Soon. Images to be upload. WARNING: This ‘How To’ is intended for professional mechanics only. Maintenance work on the motorcycle is dangerous and can lead to serious injury. Author doesn’t have responsibility on any damage on your motorcycle. Always adjust the valves when the engine is cold (For example: After night’s rest) Remember that valve or the gap is open or not in compression stroke when the engine is hot. This ‘how to’ was tested in Philippine motorcycles especially on […]

Parts of System Unit and their Functions

  Includes the System Unit main or important components, Motherboard internal component and typical integrated/rear port, power supply cables and important connectors.   Bays – it holds different type of drives such as hard disk drives, cd/dvd-rom, floppy disk drives and some of the power supply. Computer Case – it holds all the components of system unit to protect and keep in place. CPU (Central Processing Unit) – it controls the functions of most electronic products. The CPU accepts the […]

Tattoo 4G Mobile Wi-Fi: The Best among the Rest Tattoo On-The-Go

Globe Tattoo is the best in Internet services. They offered lots of mode of Internet in terms of prepaid and postpaid and choose from On-The-Go or Tattoo@Home. On-the-go products are internet kits that easily to bring whenever and wherever you are and most of it are offered in prepaid. On the other side Tattoo@Home are products that can avail only in postpaid such as DSL and WiMAX. However I care on this post about the Tattoo On-The-Go’s 4G Mobile Wi-Fi. […]

Plugins Must Have in Blogger to WordPress Migration for SEO

After more than a year of blogging through the free-use of Blogger I decided to shift my website to much easier platform in WordPress. However, there are so many things that I must consider in risk when I migrate my blog to another platform. One of the things that I put in risk is the domain’s SEO; I have been indexed in web through the theme, platform and scripts for a long time and I am afraid to lose that […]

How to Use Auto-Comment Without Getting Spam by Akismet

As of now, there are billions of comment and track-back spam filtered today alone by Akismet. Akismet is widely known as spam killer in different Content Management System (CMS) platform especially WordPress and you can use it for free. It is one of the most important software to improve your On-Page SEO.  However, Akismet is one of the obstacles for the Off-Page SEO particularly on ‘Lazy Off-Page SEO’. I called Lazy Off-Page SEO those who use software that generate or […]

How to Add Google AdSense on Web Page Maker

Web Page Maker is a very simple application and  easy-to-use web page editor that allows you to create and upload web pages in minutes even without the knowledge of HTML. Main Features: drag and drop, WYSIWYG, clone web pages, one click preview and publish with XML sitemap, etc. You can also add a Google AdSense script in a seconds and run their ads. Want to know how? Follow steps below. Just go to ‘Insert > Html code or Script code…’ […]

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