Indoor Alternative Antenna for WiMAX BM622i

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For me, Globe Telecom is the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) here in the Philippines. I availed almost their different model of Tattoo Broadband Kit and still using some of them when out of town.

Going back on 2012, I used to compute my expenses in internet as prepaid user with a daily use and I found out that subscription with a plan is very suits for me.

To make the story short, YES! I am with Globe Tattoo WiMAX model BM622i. I am impressed with its speed and no-interrupt connection. Fast forward again, during in a middle of the storm my WiMAX antenna fall and result to break its coax connector. At first I don’t worried because there is a lot of electronics shop in our town; but after looking for the part, now I must worry. SMA Male for RG58 is the exact name of the coax connector for BM622i for its RP-SMA Jack and based on the seller, parts that involved to coax size RG58 are hard to find due to its old.

I tried to use the WiMAX but most of the time it has no good signal that’s why I oblige to end my plan-subscription but the customer premises equipment (CPE) is still in my hand.

Waiting for the leak of tunneling, LOL.

Leakage a month ago, implemented and there I go but still don’t have antenna so there’s no signal, useless.

I searched the web, but the antenna they offering is just like the original which I cannot use and I’m scared because I’m using tunneled internet and along the highway, Innove team is always crossing our house. So, I must use indoor antenna as alternative to the original one.

Indoor Antenna

There is a lot of cheap WiFi antenna there you can buy. I suggest that buy antenna that is more dBi for much better boost of signal. The original antenna can gain 14dBi.

Coax connector - SMA MaleHow to connect SMA Female to RP-SMA Jack

RP-SMA Jack is also a SMA Female so you cannot plug it to WiFi antenna connector, but I have a very simple solution for that.

Get some copper wire on the centre core of coaxial, put into the whole of SMA Female so it will serve as positive connection and to looks like SMA Male.

There are lots of WiFi antenna available in CD-R King.


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    post a link of wifi antenna in cdrking

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