71-66 Hereda defeated again in Galicia

71-66 Hereda defeated again in Galicia

@sporsavila / Take over the authentic Ávila El Bulevar He could not avoid a new defeat on one of his long journeys to Galicia before. Constructions Riveira EMD A Estradalost within the first two days. The Greenfinch team was leading almost the entire duel, but in the final minutes they saw the opponent come back, eliminating the possibility of adding their second victory.

And four of his soldiers surpassed him in PIR, and three scored ten points. Anthony Sol Y Alex Maggi He was top scorer with 14 points. Carlos Osvaldo Gomez Betting on a top five with the two most mentioned Edu Castano, Adrian Froufe Y Jaime Queralt-Lortzing.

By the middle of the first quarter it was full of electronic alternatives. Later, Hereda put a 0-5 streak (10-15) to create a five-point lead in favor of the visiting team, which was almost unchanged in the last four minutes of the half due to errors in shooting. and this would be the one in which they finished the first sleeve. Chestnut He stood out with 7 points.

A local 4-0 brought Estrada close to a point (14-15), but failed to prevent Avila’s team from responding with the partial 0-7 (14-21) they had protected as time went on and beat their defense. Galicians. Francisco Sande He brought his team closer once again with a three pointer (21-25), but the strength of the visitors prevented the lead from narrowing further and the first twenty minutes ended with a score of 27-33. locker rooms.

After the break, the Galician team entered two with a three-pointer. samuel pernas (32-35), but Hereda was always ahead of his opponent. Chestnut, Sergio Serrato Y maggie. They were seven ahead of the visiting team in the last ten minutes (44-51).

In the final quarter, the green finches were out of order and were overtaken by the Pontevedra team. They came close to one (52-54) with an 8-2 run, the guest coach had to stop the game, he couldn’t prevent his opponent from turning on the light (57-56). Fernando Bello That would make him MVP of the game with a PIR of 29, 20 points and 11 rebounds. Hereda got stuck and therefore had to bend his knee, fell 71-66.


71 Structures Riveira EDM A Estrada: Mateo Bello (15), Samuel Pernas (18), Luis García (0), Pablo López (8), Anxo Pacheco (2) -five marches-, Marcos Chao (0), José Valcárcel (0), Francisco Sande (8 ) and Fernando Bello (20).

66 Take over the authentic Ávila El Boulevard: Antonio Izquierdo (14), Edu Castaño (12), Alejo Maggi (14), Adrián Froufe (4), Jaime Queralt-Lortzing (6) -top five-, Álex García (3), José Luis Ibáñez (2), Yaroslav Dagotto (2) and Sergi Serrato (9)

Partial: 10-15, 17-18, 17-18 and 27-15

Referees: Samuel Martínez Covelo and Andrés Esteban Domínguez (Galicia). With five staff members, local Luis García was eliminated.

Events: The match, which coincided with the third day of the EBA League Group AB, was played in the Manuel Coto Ferreiro pavilion with the participation of one hundred and a half spectators.

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