Acquittal of Afghan cyclists sentenced to exile in order to compete

A group young Afghan cyclists Discussed this Sunday in the Swiss town of Aigle your country’s road bike championshipis proof that it is. taliban coming to power It cannot be done in Afghanistan, where women are removed from the public sphere and can no longer play sports.

this 50 runners, all residing outside their home countryposed with black, red and green flag Afghanistan overthrown by the Taliban before leaving the same headquarters of the UCI on their bike 57 kilometer raceWith only 72 meters of unevenness despite passing through alpine landscapes.

Among the participants, 26-year-old Masomah Alizada, a resident of Lille (France) since 2017, expressed that he wanted this championship to send Afghan women. “They are not alone” messageand at the same time warns the world that Afghan women must respond with more than words to the oppression they face.

“Unfortunately for the women of Afghanistan no sports todayAnd today, the dream of girls to go to school and compete is completely unthinkable,” said the runner, and to Efe, who confirmed that he devoted himself to cycling after doing various sports, “Because I felt very free on the streets of Kabul by bicycle.

“We hope this race send a messageIt is not enough to say that the world should help the women of Afghanistan more than words, they feel sorry for us,” he added. Someone playing the Olympic Games (Tokyo 2020).

Even though her older sister Zahra was far from her country, she was happy to be able to participate in the championship and, above all, to meet some of her athlete friends. the country is alive, he had not seen them for five years.

“This race is very important because if we share it on social media, Women staying in Afghanistan will know that this rivalry still exists, and that it is still possible for Afghan women to do sports, even in other countries. It will give them hope,” he said.

between 50 contestants 22 reside and study in Italy, 11 in Switzerland, 10 in Canada, four in France, two in Germany and one in Singapore.

leave your country to compete

Many had to Having an authentic adventure to leave their country after the Taliban came to powerIt’s something they have achieved after months of procedures and failed evacuation attempts involving the UCI and politicians from various countries, including the United States, Canada or France.

“Firstly we tried to take them out by bus Permission was denied to neighboring Tajikistan and when three buses were already at the border, so it had to be done by air, without controls and in the middle of nowhere,” said UCI president David Lappartient.

The head of the intensive care unit was rewarded this Saturday by authorities in Afghanistan for his previous position with the Taliban. Efforts to maintain Afghan women’s sport.

“This championship is more than a sporting event, hope for afghan womenThat we continue to remember them, that sports are still possible, and that we hope one day the race can return to Afghan soil,” added Lappartient.

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