Almuñécar and La Herradura will host the Andalusian Men’s and Women’s Cadet Handball Teams Championship.

Almuñécar and La Herradura will host the Andalusian Men's and Women's Cadet Handball Teams Championship.

It will take place on October 31st and November 1st with free admission in the morning and afternoon.

Almuñécar and La Herradura will host the “Antonio Rivera Trophy”, the Andalusian Men’s and Women’s Cadet Handball Championship, which will be held on 31 October and 1 November at the Sexitano municipal gyms with free admission in the morning and afternoon.

Organized by the Andalusian Handball Federation with the support of the Municipal Sports Ground and the Almuñécar City Council, the event was presented at the “Francisco Bonet” municipal stadium by Sports Council Member Luis Aragón, vice-president and provincial president Luis Aragón. Granada delegate José Manrique and Almuñécar UN chief Miguel Corral.

“This championship brings together the best of Andalusian handball in the Cadet category. “From this will emerge the components that will form the different men’s and women’s student teams to participate in this year’s Spanish championship, which will be played in Oropesa,” said the UN Almuñécar president.

Competition and evaluation

In the men’s section, the groups consist of: Almería – Huelva, Córdoba-Granada, Málaga-Seville and Cádiz-Jaén; and in the feminine they consist of Seville-Jaén, Almería-Cádiz, Córdoba-Granada and Málaga-Huelva. They will be played on Monday afternoon, from which the top four will play in the semi-finals, while the others will progress from fourth to eighth. The semi-finals will be played on Tuesday morning and the grand final will be played in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the Granada team will have four sexitanes players,” Corral noted.

FABM vice president José Manrique thanked the City Council and Sports Councilor Luis Aragon “for all their efforts to assist us in the events and events we requested from the Andalusian Handball Federation”. He added: “As Miguel Corral explained, it will take place in a two-day format, given that it was not easy to find a place to hold the championship in a different format.”

The FABM representative underlined the achievements of the Andalusian teams last season. “We can’t make too many mistakes when we won four golds and a bronze in the six categories of the Spanish championship last year. After everything that fell from all sides, I think it’s pretty good and we won the Spanish championship in six categories in beach handball, six golds for Andalusia,” he said.

The mayor of sports, Luis Aragón, thanked José Manrique and Miguel Corral for their support, “because you are always there to bring events in this category.” Aragon also wanted to send a very special greeting to “an important person like Antonio Rosales, who is not here today but is also important to me.” I think he has worked very well during all the years he spent with us and is personally a person who is 100% interested in handball. As our goal is to achieve a benchmark with some national team championships here at Almuñécar every year, we will continue to work to see if we can one day complete a permanent and permanent deal over time.”

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