Bara drops to Magdeburg again in Super Globe final

Bara drops to Magdeburg again in Super Globe final

It looks like Bara got into the last piece of his shoe as well. SC Magdeburgone of the historic German handball teams, The world club denied his sixth title in the Super Globe for the second year in a row. It is organized by the International Federation. A final summing up all possible incentives: When German domination, the resurrection of Barça, seemed to be doomed twice, an uncertain outcome that was not so and led to prolongation, Many players turned into ghosts on the track from exhaustion. The Magdeburg goalkeeper was Portner.A surname of Barça origin -his father played for Bara- the person who decides the final and the title of his club (39-41), they enter the third A tournament that only recognizes Spanish or German winners in its fifteen editions.

It was a survival test For two teams that played two pretty tough semi-finals 24 hours ago. The German champion, however, faced off as if he had come off strong, playing with very fast attacks and passes that allowed him to pick up the first difference, forcing Antonio Carlos Ortega to take a timeout after eight minutes, when his team had already lost 4-8. . The Germans were very clear about the game they had to play and they did well in the first half. from winger Pettersson (six goals).

Ortega asked his men to be stronger and his defense reacted, but Every time the bar hit an equalizing shot, they missed the opportunity and the opponent didn’t forgive. With Fbregas heavily controlled by the center of the German defense, the attack was limited to attacks by Mem or Langaro that resulted in penalties. And his team missed two sevens in a row.

After the break, Magdeburg gave the false impression that they were drugging their game to keep the game four goals ahead (17-21) but they sped up with an uneven pass. This is how the alarms went off in the bar bench (20-26) and Ortega, in another dead time, He ordered Ario to defend as a 5:1 advance. Oh change the game. Just seven minutes of frantic work behind and a few well-timed stops from Nielsen Bara is 28 years old, always looking for Fbregas.

With Magdeburg looking confused, Bara began to lack the freshness to finish and their offensive play was already a bit off with two center defenders Cindric and Makuc in reserve. Six minutes after the end, he was on the ropes again (31-34), but he hit the corner again. Each team managed to finish it, but Nielsen and Portner took the game to overtime.

There the impulses outweighed the forces, they were already too few. One of the hardest blows Left-handed Magnusson was limping for minutes, but was responsible for giving his team the necessary goals and making Portner’s decisive save., seven yards from Wanne. The Icelandic did not miss his next shot and final offensive move, which coincided with his team’s second defeat of Bara in a Super Globe final.


39 – Beer: Pérez de Vargas (Nielsen); Ario (2), Janc (5), N’Guessan (4), Cindric (1), Mem (5), Fbregas (7); Aleix Gmez (9, 4p), Langaro (1, Carlsbogard, Richardson, Frade, Thiagus Petrus, Wanne (5p), Makuc.

41 – SC Magdeburg: Portner (Jensen); Pettersson (6), Bezjak, Mertens (6), Saugstrup (5), O’Sullivan (1), Magnusson (13, 7 pp); Weber (1), Kristajanson (6), Meister, Chrapkovski, Hornke (3), Damgaard.

Marker every five minutes: 3-6, 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-17, 17-21; 18-14, 22-26, 27-28, 29-31, 32-34, 35-35 (extension) 38-38, 39-41.

referees: Horacek and Novotny (RCH). N’Guessan (twice), Cindric and Langaro for Bara and O’Sullivan (2), Magnusson and Saugstrup are excluded for SC Magdeburg.

Events: Super Globe Final. Dammam Gymnasium

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