Baskonia shakes Real Madrid and makes Barcelona the leader | sports

Baskonia shakes Real Madrid and makes Barcelona the leader |  sports

Just a few weeks ago no one dared to cough real MadridThe most dominant team in the ACB and the team that left the best feeling in the first bets of the season. But gradually, Chus Mateo’s team was diluted as the prey for the absence of a clear plan for the hard times. This Sunday was his first defeat in the ACB, his third in the last 10 days after the crises. against Barcelona Y Olympiakos in Euroleagueremoves whites from the top of the classification. There is no longer an unbeaten team and azulgrana now leads the regular league after their victory over Lenovo Tenerife (67-65) who took their first defeat in Palau.

Baskonia ended Real Madrid’s unbeaten streak in the ACB in a highly balanced match (88-82) decided at the last minute. With 51 seconds left, Chus Mateo’s men took control (81-82) thanks to Sergio Rodriguez’s three pointer. However, Baskonia scored another three from Thompson and closed it off with a great defense, two outside shots to Yabusele and Llull, and a few passes as Madrid looked for the winning basket.

Real Madrid’s wreck at Buesa Arena highlighted the white team’s major shortcomings that have grown over the past few weeks: a total of 12, five defeats (23 -14) in the second quarter, where Baskonia had grown beards; and the lack of external success, 7/23 in the triples, was completed in the second half after scoring only two goals in 11 before the break. Baskonia knew how to get the Whites out of the paint zone where they were very strong, and were boosted by a brilliant performance by Dulton Hommes, who was the game’s top scorer with 24 points, five-eighths.

Although the match started perfectly for Real Madrid with a smooth 8-0 start, it soon started to get complicated. The second four had a slump in offense and Joan Peñarroya’s men took control of the game and shook Madrid on both sides of the pitch. With a run of 18-2 they took their maximum advantage (32-23) and left the Whites on the brink of the abyss. Madrid recovered with the penetrations of Musa and Yabusele and finished the first half four points behind (37-33) and came back like a rocket. After a long hiatus, they managed to take the lead at three minutes and at the end of the third quarter they were up to +8 thanks to Llull’s trio, Musa (50-58) 2+1.

But in the final and final act, Baskonia attacked with all its might. Hommes knocked out White’s advantage with two consecutive three-pointers (66-66), while Chus Mateo lost his nerve on the bench due to his team’s defensive passivity. “Where are the hands!?”, instantly scolding his team. The match was reduced to kicks as Yabusele monopolized his team’s score. 12 consecutive points from the simmering Frenchman were answered by Baskonia’s collaborative effort. Madrid couldn’t count on their best soldier Edy Tavares for the final battle, who was eliminated by five fouls before the final and decisive minute, and a cross came to Madrid for the first time in the ACB this season.

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