Carmen Planas: “If a business doesn’t balance balances, it can’t pay its payroll”

“If a company is not healthy, it risks going bankrupt. And without the company, labor income cannot be increased”He pointed to Planas. In fact, the position advocated by CAEB is, in the words of its chairman, “The best social shield that guarantees continuity, stability and growth is employment. In order for employment to occur, a healthy, competitive and highly productive business structure is required.”

In this regard, he expressed his support for public aid for transport, trade, SMEs and the self-employed, but stressed that businessmen also demand “direct aids such as tax breaks that enable us to strengthen ourselves and move forward”. Our goal is for the productive fabric to be strong enough to face difficult situations like the current situation.”


Along the same lines, the CAEB chief acknowledged that the current tourist season is ending with visitor numbers similar to 2019, but cautioned: “We can’t start the bells instantly because profitability is not the same”.

This decline in profitability, according to Planas, initial doubts about tourist behavior and lack of skilled laborWhat he described as “a serious problem that tarnished our image and could not be resolved over the summer”.

Likewise, he also mentioned the influencing factors. “illegal” inflation and the Russian occupation of Ukraine. “All these components have, so far, prevented us from regaining pre-pandemic levels of economic growth,” Planas said.

From his perspective, a positive summer “should not hide the uncertainty in business caused by the slowdown in European economies, inflation and war”. In this context, he reminded that the Bank of Spain reduced the growth forecasts for 2023, which the Government had already lowered, to 1.4 percent.


Carmen Planas spoke before more than 400 people, including businessmen, politicians and civil society representatives from the Balearic Islands, at the new edition of the Entrepreneur’s Gala. Among those available Head of Government Francina Armengol; Antonio Garamendi, CEOE president; and Inca mayor Virgilio Moreno.

The event, which was held for the first time outside the Balearic capital and especially at the Teatre Principal de Inca, was realized with the special cooperation of CaixaBank and the support of Amer e Hijos, Balearia, Endesa, Hotelbeds, Vidal&Vidal and Coca-Cola. in one edition without restriction.

Carmen Planas opened the Entrepreneur Gala. CAEB’s 45-year history and employers as “guide driver, giver and inspiration of a cohesive group”. More than 90 associations and 20,000 companies.

“Knowing how to share, motivate, delegate, work in harmony and adapt to changes is essential for all parts to come together and advocate for common interests,” he said.

“The capacity of the group, the unity in diversity, is what makes us leaders, empowers us, and enables us to be the authoritative voice of the Balearic business fabric here and in the rest of the country. We will continue”.


Carmen Planas, “the business fabric of the Balearic Islands”push forward in different scenarios, when the tailwind is blowing or when things go wrong. The two difficult years of the pandemic we left behind a few months ago are an example of our motivation and resilience. The two exercises in 2020 and 2021 are extremely difficult, the results are still dragging, but led to a 2022 where we finally return to normal.

Looking to the future, the CAEB president insisted “our economic model is strong and also non-negotiable, but requires deep scrutinybecause we are facing a transformation accelerated by the pandemic, which we cannot park. We must take this transformation hand in hand. innovation, digitalization and circularityand for something that is as easy to say as it is difficult to achieve: maximizing the season, dispersing tourists across space and time, making our resources sustainable”.

Carmen Planas said in her speech, “We want and should know how to take advantage of our corners, towns and facilities during the winter months, too. aligning the services sector with other economic sectors of the islands, also strong, pointers and ones that we need to pay attention to and encourage. Diversification is one of the keys to business growth and survival”.

According to the CAEB president, another important element is, “bet on educationbecause it is the only way to prolong this professional absence that the pandemic has left us, and the way to retain talent with more and more skilled workers.”


The leader of the Balearic employers to continue his intervention “well-defined rules of the game that do not change instantlyFor example, the recent and unbearable increase in the maximum contribution base in General Government Budgets. We need the loyalty of the Administration, legal certainty and certainty in order to realize the transformation we want.”

Among the “essential tools” that business fabric claims, Financial part of the Balearic Islands Special Regime (REB)Following Planas’ argument, “Fortunately it has already been included in the General Government Budget project and will be crucial to mitigate the disadvantages of companies arising from the island reality and Promoting productive investment in the Balearic Islands”. Regarding REB, Planas underlined that “confirmed to be permanent, not temporary”, so CAEB wants it to go beyond 2028.


Other elements that the employer needs, according to the CAEB head, are “recognized European funds. We need them to reach companies.”. In this sense, the Government has been reached with its own resources and personnel to make the calls, which have a bureaucratic burden and are dispersed between different ministries and make it very difficult to present projects, more flexible.

At the same time, Planas once again “a administrative regulation of the processing of grants or aida simplification adjusted to the reality of the state of the business fabric”.

Thus Planas defined the roadmap of the business organization he wanted to describe as “more or less interested, in person and without interference, without partisan or media comments.”

Thus, he encouraged the business fabric to “continue to be steady, ambitious, innovative and generous”. We have taken risks, overcome a pandemic together, and together we will face a future full of opportunities.. It is not the first time that we have faced great difficulties and we have prevailed. We are not conformists; “We are facing great change and we want to lead it.”


During the action held in the Inca, the leader of the association explained the following at the end of his speech: Awarding the CAEB Special Award for his business career to Abel Matutes JuanHe claims he “deeply admires” after “establishing a business empire and continuing to be a benchmark for Ibizan, Balearic and Spanish society”.

In this 2022 edition, the Entrepreneurial Gala awards were handed out in line with two commitments that are part of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals: people and the environment.

In this sense, the CAEB Executive Committee, entrepreneurs and companies that care about the environment and protect peopleand that they contribute to a fairer society and a more sustainable future.

In particular, rewards corresponding to commitment to the environment, Fusteria CampusIn the modality that brings together companies with less than 50 employees and Metallurgical TorrensIn a group of companies with 50 or more employees.

As regards distinctions aimed at rewarding commitment to people, awards within the same volume of workers division, Ophthalmic Salva Y melchor mascararespectively.

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