CD Lugo on the radio – Burgos CF has an award – Deportes COPE in Burgos


After seven games without a win, coach Hernán Pérez was able to add just two of the 21 possible points for Lugo, who was at the end of the line, and it was Burgos this Sunday on a winning streak that put them in relegation positions. It ranks third in LaLiga Smartbank, a category in which it is the only unbeaten team along with leader UD Las Palmas.

COPE Burgos will broadcast the match live. 837 medium wave, on traditional radio. And you can also hear via the internet at, app copingfor mobile devices and social networksFacebook LiveYexcitement. In addition, a very special draw will be held among all the audience during the program.

Coincidentally, the Lugo coach could play for his own position against Burgos and his brother ‘Michu’, who are top-ranked in the Second Division, with 21 points and one goal in eleven games played. holds the position of sports director.

Lugo, on the other hand, were relegated to the relegation positions with nine points, seven of which were in the first four days. The Galician team scored four more goals than their opponent this Sunday, but they conceded 17 goals and that’s where their real problem lies in defense.

Last week, Málaga beat him 3-2 in a game that went 3-0 down and now needs to win to react.

The next two games of the course for the Galicians will be at Anxo Carro, but that’s no guarantee of success for a team that has three losses in five matches locally and only one win against Leganés (1 -0), on day three.

Lugo saved Brazilian Zé Ricardo, who will replace Orest Lebedenko on the left, and Brazil’s Zé Ricardo and Álex Pérez, who will be on the left. related injuries.

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In addition to Zé Ricardo, players such as Jesús Fernández, Juanpe Jiménez, Spanish-Bolivian Jaume Cuéllar, Ángel Baena and right-back Miguel Loureiro may return to eleven; Accepting a Burgos on the rise, who will try to follow the same path during his visit to Anxo Carro.

After conceding the first goal of the season, the goal from Mirandés the previous day, and the scoring issue is resolved, Julián Calero’s men will visit a “very complex stadium” to face a Lugo who needs points.

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Realizing that Lugo is not in a good situation, the Madrid coach said: “Lugo is a very complex team and the rain factor may be present, because when it rains in Galicia, it really rains”. .

“Teams with negative dynamics stick to the games tremendously, especially their stadiums,” said Calero.

Burgos will arrive with news at the fort because it’s Dani Barrio’s turn to defend his Burgos goal once again while Caro imposes a sanction. “He is a goalkeeper who provides safety, experience and calmness,” said the coach of the Burgos team.

“The demand on ourselves has to be higher because we stopped being ‘Burguitos’ to be Burgos, and that’s good because being highly alert allows you to respect your opponents without fear of them, and it doesn’t matter who the opponent is.” In addition to the suspension of Caro, Calero won’t be able to count on Andy Rodríguez or Javi Pérez due to his injury, but he will save Grego Sierra and Fran García.


The match between CD Lugo and Burgos CF, which coincides with the 12th week of the Second Division, will be played right now. Sunday, October 23 16:15 at Anxo Carro Stadium. Referee Trujillo Suárez of the Tenerife Committee will officiate the match.



Twelfth matchday of La Liga SmartBank between CD Lugo and Burgos CF It can be heard live at COPE Burgos on Sunday, October 23 at 15:45.inside 837 medium wave and over the internet, COPE Application for mobile devices, COPE Burgos Facebook Live and in the new COPE Burgos Twitch channel.

Moreover coping will offer the match Play timeWith Paco González, Manolo Lama and Pepe Domingo Castaño.

The match can be watched on TV via Movistar LaLiga and also on the online platform of Mediaset España, Mitele Plus, Orange and Jazztel.


lugo; Valley; Loureiro, Jesús Fernández, Alberto Rodriguez, Zé Ricardo; Juanpe Jiménez, Xavi Torres, Sené; Cuellar, Chris Ramos and Sebas Moyano.

Burgos CF: Dani Barrio, Areso, Córdoba, Grego Sierra, Matos, Elgezabal, Atienza, Curro, Artola, Bermejo and Mourad.

Judge: Trujillo Suárez of the Tenerife Committee.

Countryside: Anxo Car.

Hour: 16:15

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