Cepprocor celebrates 30 years of importance in the scientific system – Web de Noticias

Cepprocor celebrates 30 years of importance in the scientific system - Web de Noticias

  • Established in 1992, it is one of the provincial strongholds dedicated to research, development, technological services and innovation in products and processes.
  • Officials, center staff and officials from the academic, scientific and commercial sectors participated in the Anniversary Law
  • Also presented is the book “Ceprocor: 30 years of Cordoba science”.

In the center of Santa María de Punilla, 30 years of celebratory actions took place. Center of Excellence in Córdoba Products and Processes (Ceprocor).

Provincial and municipal authorities, officials from academic, scientific, technological and commercial institutions participated together with about 150 people at this center, which operates both in the city center of Córdoba and in the old, fully renovated building, located in the heart of the Punilla Valley.

The event was chaired by the Minister of Science and Technology, Minister of Health Pablo De Chiara, the head of the Córdoba Tourism Agency Gabriela Barbás, Esteban Avilés and the mayor of Santa María de Punilla, Dardo Zanotti and the Vice-President. Cepcoror, Federico Priotti

In the auditorium’s entrance hall, officials inaugurated the institution’s personalities gallery with a tribute to Rubén Alonso and Jorge Pérez, two of its founders, and the relatives of these extinct officials.

In his speech, Priotti thanked the work carried out at this institution, which enabled him to consolidate himself within the scientific system of Córdoba, the country and the region.

Ceprocor researcher Marcela Ingas and businessman Luis Argañarás recounted their first-hand experience of connecting with this institution.

Then, Barbás emphasized his mission of excellence in research and transfer, and recalled that he was one of the first centers to implement the study of congenital HIV, whose technique was later transferred to the Central Laboratory.

And he added another turning point: “In the pandemic, when the situation was so complex, especially at the beginning, Ceprocor was accompanied and pool test for monitoring nursing homes. This led to one of the most important international articles on the subject, for which I am very proud and grateful».

Barbás also stressed the organization’s solidarity with medical teams, other institutions and the community.

Finally, De Chiara, who is responsible for the presidency of Ceprocor, underlined this. “Today we celebrate 30 years of Science and Technology in Córdoba”.

“There are 146 professional voices at Ceprocor with different views, but we are all working together to ensure that science and technology is an important input for the entire socio-productive sector”sure.

The minister was also responsible for making presentations. The book “Ceprocor: 30 years of Cordovan science”A 250-page summary of the current activities and visions of the different actors on the role of innovation driven by the Province, consisting of 250 pages that bring together the most outstanding research of the science-technology center, face the future.

“Córdoba is on the road to innovation and Ceprocor is a necessary and indispensable actor for it”De Chiara concluded his speech.

About Ceprocor

The scientific institution was established in 1992. It is committed to research, development, technological services and innovation in products and processes. It has two locations: one in the Juniors neighborhood and the other in the Santa Maria de Punilla Complex.

The technological scientific establishment consists of 150 employees, including researchers, technologists, trainees and technology managers. In 2009, it became an autarkic entity -by law.

This organization has state-of-the-art equipment and 17 laboratories. Here, it works with 450 public and private clients, 50,000 years of analytical tests are carried out, and 60 projects are carried out, managed by the Technological Connectivity Unit.

Various initiatives within the research center have been successful and have been transferred to productive sectors in the fields of medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry, food and health, contributing to the social and productive development of the Province.

Past, present and future of Cordovan science

Book “Ceprocor: 30 years of Cordovan science” Includes an unpublished historical review of the research center. On the other hand, the book publishes some of the many current projects in the field of research, development, transfers and services. Studies address issues related to health, environment, food and materials.

Others also set the agenda to deepen in the future. There are listed possible approaches for collaborating on a variety of problems.

– Clean and self-sufficient energy production, ecosystem protection, waste treatment, monitoring and quality control of Provincial water resources, among others.

– food safety and accessibility; development of food products for new market niches that add value to local food production, among other possible initiatives.

– Health and pharmaceuticals: development of new formulations and biomedical products; studies on drug design to treat orphan diseases; nanopharmaceuticals.

Biotechnology is also highlighted as a strategic area that has a high impact on the manufacturing and health sectors and should continue and deepen in the future.

This book is available to the public in digital format from Friday. It can be read from the link https://ceprocor.cba.gov.ar/30-anos/libro-digital/

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