Ciudad de Algeciras against its strongest rival

Ciudad de Algeciras against its strongest rival

this Algeciras City Handball Club, Reaffirmed by his victory in Córdoba, gets this sunday (12:00) inside John Charles Matthew Triana, leader of the first National F group, won five victories in a matter of days. of these Inaki Perez they’re looking, they can’t find exactly the best competitor to look for first home wins, but after the bell seven days ago, a new success should not be overlooked. The meeting can be followed live this link.

Great game on Juan Carlos Mateo. sad to come across With Algeciras CF-Talavera of the First Federation for forcing the public to choose and share. A City of Algeciras aiming for gradual development, reflected in its victory over the Mezquita City. takes the strongest team of the groupthat so far only victory knows.

“For me It is not only the best team, but also the best handball team.”, continues Iñaki Pérez. “Córdoba is a good team, no doubt, but this is more complete, which develops a type of handball that I really like”.

“Of course Doesn’t mean we’ve already been defeated” he emphasizes. “The message to the players these days has gone in the opposite direction: all teams can take it and furthermore play us at home”.

“We should also try to take advantage of our rising streak, which is the extra motivation caused by the last victory,” says the coach, acknowledging the change of time until Sunday morning. she doesn’t like it much.

The people at home are looking at the game with all their strength, which does not prevent the coach from quoting two boys from the youth team, Alvaro Peralta common and still unpublished Dario Gonzalez which you will almost certainly enjoy for a minute. Another name in the first team dynamics is the left winger. Gonzalo Lopez, join this weekend A concentration of the Andalusian youth team in Loja (Granada).

Jorge Oliva at the head of a great team

UN Triana squad seen significantly strengthened last summer Trying to achieve the challenge of promotion to the second category of Spanish handball. coaching staff greater alien launch capacity, plot limited to figure only last season Carlos GonzalezAgain the most relevant arrival goalkeeper Jorge Oliva, returning home with a long history in the Asobal League behind him.

Four, foreign players to start Victor Montesinos In the project (returning home from Sinfín de Santander of the Asobal League). Specifically, they included Dilan Belalcazar, The 22-year-old, 1.92-year-old Colombian left-back playing for the Portuguese Lamego. The other left will be Victor Donoso 31 years old, 1.92 years old Chilean national football player from HK Topolcany of the Slovak League. The team’s foreign poker was complemented by an old acquaintance of the fans. AlgecirasMexican Arthur Sandoval, Juan Carlos Mateo is an international who came to strengthen the right side after an extensive career in Spanish handball with his final stop in Melilla after crossing ARS Palma del Río and Caserío Ciudad Real. The last of the non-Spanish reinforcements will be the Portuguese centre-back. Gonçalo Areias, Kim is from Teucro, Galicia, of the Silver Honor Division.

The goal is defended by two Sevillians, the aforementioned Oliva and Manu González. Other contracted players are as follows: Raul Morales, right winger Pepe Moguel from BM Córdoba, young right winger from Montequinto and Julio Morgado center for ARS Palma del Río. They continue in the team from last year Raul Martinez and Alex Ramirez both left ends; Toni Sanchez and Jose Duran pivots; Carlos Gonzales Left side; Y David Martinezcentre.

meeting hours Sixth day in the F group of the First National Struggle and at the end of the matches, the results and classification can be viewed at: this link.

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