CODA, a commitment to the purest sport

CODA, a commitment to the purest sport

A group of parents with children with spina bifida in 2000 Huelva Adapted Sports Club (CODA) so that children can receive a sports education that Huelva did not offer at the time. Over the years the club has grown significantly: It started with 6-7 athletes and now there are 52 athletes with both physical and mental disabilities.; In addition, at first swimming was the only modality offered (it is the most suitable sport for people with spina bifida) and has now been expanded to athletics and includes skiing or basketball.

The Huelva club is dedicated to sport in its purest form. Helps integrate and improve the quality of life of athletes, leaving results and competitive pressure in the background. Teens enjoy these moments of disconnection and fun (they train five days a week, their headquarters are at the Diego Lobato municipal sports center), which also helps them learn the rules and behavior patterns.

They have several international and World and European champions in their ranks.; At the moment his main references are athletes Blanca Betanzos and Nico Castaño and for a time Paralympic swimmer David Sánchez was also in the club. There are also Marina Méndez (left from the club), María Leandro (who is over 40 and competing with young people aged 18-20 and doing very well), Paula Márquez, María Lazo or Marín, among others. shone.

“Sport is very important to them, but we do not leave the results aside because it is important for them to feel that they can achieve their goals; highlights are a reference and role model for their colleagues,” he reassures. head of the entity Carmen Gutiérrez de Ceballos.

Over the years, the businesses run by CODA are gaining more and more value. “The first major recognition came to us in 2012 with the Huelva Medal. after winning several European championships to our representatives; It was an important moment because from then on the club experienced remarkable growth. Other distinctions followed, which was an incentive to keep working,” he recalls.

Carrying out all activities in need of assistance that do not meet all the needs of the club: “The City Council provides us with a swimming pool; The Provincial Council, Junta de Andalucía, El Puerto and Palos Town Hall also help us; Private companies have Gordillo Orthopedics; but all help is minimal because you have to rent monitors… and there are many costs,” adds the president.

Carmen Gutierrez de Ceballos “especially in early maintenance in the aquatic environment, which is fundamental and we have neither the means nor the space. There is a waiting list of parents calling us to get in and we are unable to answer you. We need an adapted swimming pool for this, we have been fighting for it for years, but we have not succeeded in this at the moment,” he said.

Psychometricity works hard during trainingwith exercises that adapt to your needs. And when they have to travel to different championships, they spend a few days together, gaining autonomy and expanding their social circle by interacting with other athletes. Improvement is twofold, both physically and socially, with greater integration.

this is CODA A different club with a life of 22 years and willing to meet many more.

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