File on Putin’s intrigues with his Olympic sweetheart

File on Putin's intrigues with his Olympic sweetheart

This week heWar between Ukraine and Russia jumped again To Alina Kabaevaformer olympic gymnast and lover Vladimir Putin. Kabaeva is one of more than 2,500 Russian figures sanctioned by Russia. Kyiv, a measure announced last Thursday, Thursday. The list includes the daughters of the President of Russia. Katerina Tikhonova Y Maria Putina.

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Since the beginning of the invasion The whereabouts of the ex-gymnast is unknown, but despite the attempts of the Russian president to wipe out all kinds of information, it turned out what he is. A dossier on the machinations of the almighty Putin with his girlfriend.

The relationship between the president and the former gymnast began 20 years ago. when she was just 17 years old and a regular on rhythmic gymnastics podiums. One of the most popular gymnasts for her quality, grace, and beauty as an athlete, Kabaeva led her to star on the cover of a magazine, where she posed half-naked. In October 2004, she announced that she was quitting the sport. after being affected by a doping scandal.

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