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Atlético is undoubtedly an art. Two goals from Griezmann, a corner kick from one of them, and a bit of Betis goalkeeper Rui Silva’s two mistakes, Simeone’s team took the third place with an important victory. Griezmann’s Olympic goal came five minutes after VAR confirmed Luiz Henrique was offside. He defeated Bético Oblak and the goal went up the scoreboard. The joy of scripting was destroyed by the intervention of technology.



Guido Rodríguez, Álex Moreno, William Carvalho, Rui Silva, Guardado (Fekir, min. 75), Sabaly (Aitor Ruibal, min. 75), Luiz Felipe (Víctor Ruiz, min. 20), Pezzella, Rodri (Joaquín, min. 65), Borja Iglesias and Luiz Henrique



Griezmann (Carrasco, min. 75), Saúl (De Paul, min. 86), Savic, Morata (Matheus Cunha, min. 59), Kondogbia, Correa (João Félix, min. 75), Oblak, Reinildo Mandava, Giménez, Nahuel Molina and Witsel

targets 0-1 min. 54: Griezmann. 0-2 min. 70: Griezmann. 1-2 minutes 84: Fekir.

Judge Jesus Gil Manzano

yellow cards Nahuel Molina (min. 38), Morata (min. 57), Kondogbia (min. 69) and Rui Silva (min. 88)

Atletico scored two goals with three shots on goal and still had to suffer in the final part of the match with the support of Betis. Joachim and Fekir, it finally became Betis. A team that went to Atletico’s jugular vein and managed to catch the equality by shooting Álex Moreno’s crossbar. Fekir’s free kick goal gave the Andalusians wings. This could not be. Atletico’s art has once again prevailed. A silent poison that handcuffed Betis for over an hour of the match. A way of playing football that is as boring as it is practical, but it worked in an Olympic goal where goalkeeper Rui Silva and the entire Betis defense allowed a mid-height ball into the Andalusian goal.

Always defending well, Atletico ended their streak at Benito Villamarín, where Betis had five consecutive wins to become the best team at home. You may like it more or less, but it also has its advantages. It was also in Betis, but when it was released it posed a real danger to an elusive team.

A festive flamenco background enlivened before the duel between Betis and Atletico. “They should have stayed the whole game” were heard from the stands of Benito Villamarín. The sun coming from behind the Preference is undoubtedly an invitation to take a siesta. It’s really incomprehensible that a match between fourth and fifth ranked in the league could offer so little. There are reasons to explain this in the Betis example. Pellegrini could not count on suspended Canales and Fekir on the bench after injury. They are definitely two different players on the Betis team.

A fiery retreat

Faced with the assumed size of the opponent, the experienced Chilean coach chose to advance the position of William Carvalho and strengthen the midfield with Guardado. It’s a more static Betis with little ability to cross lines, countering what Atlético is proposing. Withdrawal of those of Simeone It was bad, it was scorching, it was an invitation for Betis to have the ball in unimportant positions. It can be deduced that Atlético play like that, but with millions of people on the pitch it sounds pretty cheesy.

A case of inexplicable disinterest (not a shot between Betis’ three-post in the first half) involving the momentum of an Andalusian team that at least faced the laziness of its opponent, choosing not to risk and draw. But there is one thing Atletico does well. Join the lines and squeeze the opponent en masse. When it comes to players like Sabaly, Rodri or even Guardado, there is every opportunity to hack the game. In any case, the Betis short circuit was obvious because much more forward thinking players like Carvalho were also cancelled. Betis gasped as Álex Moreno on the left or Luiz Henrique on the right attacked. He also took 6 corner kicks in the first half. I just finished one. And bad. The rest was a grueling repertoire of predictable passes and feet. Also, Betis was upset that they lost their best defender, Luiz Felipe, in the 18th minute.

The second half was more fun. Just a few centimeters led to the cancellation of Luiz Henrique’s goal. One offside from Borja. Atletico breathed more intensely, occupying the gaps better and above all powerfully. It was a matter of detail. Betis’ good goalkeeper Rui Silva swallowed Griezmann corner. Atletico gasped and Betis felt the blow. His opponent lost the match without doing anything. Silva again missed a weak shot that slipped between Griezmann’s legs. Although Fekir and Joaquín changed the face of this Betis, he was a goal scorer and very close to equal. Details worked in Atletico’s favor once again as Álex Moreno’s shot hit the crossbar in the 91st minute. Simeone then rushed to the locker room to celebrate the win.

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