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It has just been reflected in the accounts deposited in the Trade Registry. forocoches reached in 2021 Record profit of 1.02 million euros. This is 30% more than what he earned the previous year and he already has a net worth of 6.2 million euros.

Behind him is only one founder, sole director and owner of the digital portal company Link World Network, which is Álex Marín.

The Portal is a Spanish-language Internet forum that was born aimed at the automotive industry, but is overwhelmed and already being discussed on any topic. No certainty, no verified information, no quality criteria. They are just people who speak their own opinion and respond to the opinions of others. They do not have a moderator, they are the members who approve messages or users. It currently has around 900,000 registered users. According to LinkedIn, they generate more than 20 million sessions and 150 million page views each month.

It is a digital bar counter; Its founder described it this way: “I run an internet bar, free and self-parody.” A bar where the owner pays no rent, has no cleaning costs, and gets rich without selling beer, tapas or carajillos.

But what I want to emphasize is not the clumsy and sticky line that owners think of washing their hands through a paragraph in the legal information section: “Any website that allows the inclusion of user-generated content as a service provider. , in accordance with the Law No. 34/2002 of 11 July on information society and electronic commerce services, is not responsible for the content stored at the request of the user. What I want to emphasize is that communication phenomenon where some guys will argue among themselves, separate politicians and celebrities, pretend to be experts in everything and invent a chair to set up a chair to fix the world, this communication phenomenon, the owner of the cottage is a million euros a year.

In today’s world of egos and identities, it’s a great job to offer a place where people can express their opinions on everything, criticize whoever they wish, offer ingenious solutions to all problems, and detail everything they know how to do. They sell the ego loop because even though no one is listening to the other, everyone thinks that tens of thousands of people on the forum are listening or reading it at the moment. When did you get more than five people to listen to you while you were speaking?

The phenomenon already has a previous path and a diverse casuistry. For example, it was seen in the explosion of comments on media portals. The most modest media found that reach was skyrocketing by only allowing comments on articles, with their corresponding responses to comments and fights. Of course, there were more entries from readers seeking answers to their comments than entries for reading the original article. You had to put controls on comments, or something much smarter: charge you to do them by forcing you to subscribe.

The modern urge to sign up for any situation that allows you to say something on the assumption that there is someone interested on the other side can be seen in many areas. When looking for an opinion on a product for sale on the stores’ websites, you find pathetic comments as much as those who say the product has just arrived, they haven’t tried it, but it looks good. Or when faced with a specific question in comments about a product from a potential customer, someone else gives answers they don’t know. As if he believed they were asking him personally.

In fact, many companies and businesses don’t bother to answer customer questions or questions, leaving a forum where they can ask and answer each other. Even if they’re aware of consumers’ hunger for prominence, companies write you to post your feedback on the web after purchase, thus feeding them content that engages more users on their portals. Companies that do not pick up the phone when you call customer service.

All this is part of the new tribalism of the digital society. We do not want to listen to anyone anymore, we do not want to reason and argue according to the information of the other person, we do not want to respect time, we do not want to include polite and sincere words in the conversation. In the new digital communications model we all want to say what belongs to our tribe and what belongs to our tribe, partly because we come from a communications oligopoly where only the big communications companies have the right to be broadcasters. The pendulum response, flavored with ego and overwhelming arrogance, is the response of people who only listen to themselves, convinced that they have the truth and the solution to everything. Especially when they tell us that truth and lies are relative, and sell us in meetings and discussions to ignorant people who know nothing but are presented as experts on every subject every day.

Forocoches are heaven. Experts and talk show hosts appoint us, we choose the topics, we don’t have to go against anyone because we know the truth is ours, there are tens of thousands of connections reading us, and the more stupid we say the more backlash it provokes. And that’s how a man pockets a million euros.

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