Global Innovation Day, November 9, in Donostia

Artificial intelligence applied to tuna fishing, alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical formats, the development of new foods or the virtual recreation of historical heritage are some of the innovative initiatives that will be presented at the reference meeting, Global Innovation Day on November 9 in Donostia. It’s where the Basque Innovation Agency Innobasque brings together the protagonists of major scientific, technological, social and cultural trends each year to show the community the importance of innovation as a driver of economic development. Held during the XXII Science, Technology and Innovation Week and to be closed by Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu Renteria, this eleventh edition will focus on developing, attracting and retaining talent, which is one of the keys to positioning. Basque Country as an innovative region. Registration for the event, which is open to all citizens and will be held in the Chamber Hall of the Kursaal Palace in Donostia, between 10:00 and 13:00, can be made at the following address: this link.

This edition, Global Innovation Day, will allow the presentation of eleven innovative initiatives that will form part of the project. Practical Cases Bank Innobasque compiles the successful experiences of Basque organizations from all sectors that have developed different areas of their organization through innovation. Conceptually, five of those selected for the event belong to the industrial field, three to culture, and the other three to education.

Industry scope:

  • Adaptek is a technology developed by I+MED that allows drugs or active substances to be transported in nanohydrogels as an alternative to conventional formats such as tablets or drops.
  • Solidarity gastronomy, Tknika’s response with vocational training centers and companies, making it possible to deliver circular menus and innovative products to resource-free families in the midst of a pandemic.
  • Natur All is a project created by Iparlat for the production and sale of plant-based products that can transform any alternative protein (not just plant-based) into healthy, sustainable and delicious food (not just beverages) today.
  • Savvy Data Systems and Fagor Automation have developed a set of tools that facilitate the efficiency and quality of processes carried out through numerical control through the analysis of industrial data.
  • Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to tuna fishing, Zunibal increases the efficiency and sustainability of the fishing fleet thanks to its detection and forecasting systems.

Cultural area:

  • Arkikus performing virtual reconstructions of cultural and natural heritage, thanks to immersive experiences of augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • Contemporary Concept, which combines its business model with the Dantz brand and the constant search for new formats and spaces to present electronic music.
  • Recreakult creates a platform for the reuse of materials, from the costumes and sets that companies create for their shows, to props, including electrical materials.

education area

  • Emakumeak Zientzian, a project coordinated by CIC nanoGUNE and Polymat in 2022 and participated by 17 organizations of the Basque Network for Science, Technology and Innovation, making visible women’s activities in science, breaking typical masculine roles and promoting scientific careers among them. girls and teenagers.
  • Barrutialde Secondary Education Institute, whose students are working on scientific (physics and anatomy), mathematical (statistics) and technological skills, developing a system for charging electronic devices by pedaling a bicycle.
  • The FP/Parke Program of Ikaslan, Hetel and the Basque Country Network of Technology Parks brings together a range of activities for young people to learn about the employability of scientific-technological careers through the experiences of former FP students now employed in companies. located in parks.

Other heroes of the day

The Global Innovation Day, whose format will be completely different from previous years, will feature representatives of the companies and organizations responsible for each of the initiatives selected in this issue, as well as other heroes.

The day will begin with a welcome by Manuel Salaverria, president of Innobasque. He has two great Basque talents behind him: Miguel Zugaza, director of the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts, and Pedro Miguel Echenique, president of the Donostia International Center for Physics (DIPC) Foundation, will maintain an intense dialogue. In addition, Leire Bilbao, managing director of the Basque Innovation Agency, will moderate the roundtable discussion titled ‘Talent, the engine of innovation’, where different perspectives on the promotion of talent will be discussed.

At 13:00, Lehendakari will be closed by Iñigo Urkullu Renteria.

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