“Government advances in energy autonomy of Spain” [Prensa/Actualidad/Ciencia e Innovación]

"Government advances in energy autonomy of Spain" [Prensa/Actualidad/Ciencia e Innovación]

The Minister visited the facilities of TC on the World Energy Saving Day. National Renewable Energy Center (CENER) in Sangüesa (Navarra), accompanied by the head of regional government, María Chivite; José Luis Arasti, Government delegate in Navarra; Economic and Business Development consultant Mikel Irujo; and Pablo Ayesa, the centre’s general manager, among other officials.

Morant described CENER as a leading technology center in new clean energy research and stated that the development of new technologies is the key to more efficient use of energy resources.

Chivite noted that renewable energies are a distinctive feature of the Comunidad Foral de Navarra and that, thanks to centers like CENER, there are more and better tools to face the strategic transformations we are currently in, among which is energetic.

Supplementary Plan for Renewable Energy and Hydrogen

The Minister also recalled that the Ministry of Science and Innovation has launched the Supplementary Plan for Renewable Energy and Hydrogen, an R&D and Development program in which ten autonomous communities participate and will mobilize 92 million euros with the support of European funds. Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Of this investment, 8.4 million Euros will be allocated to CENER, of which 5.4 million will be provided by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and 3 million by the Government of Navarra.

Morant announced that this joint effort will help CENER build new laboratories that will include 25 researchers.

During the visit, the Minister visited the Wind Turbine Test Laboratory and Wind Turbine Blade Test Laboratory, which has been carrying out certification tests for national and international manufacturers for more than 15 years and currently has a blade capacity of up to 100 meters. Next, a solar concentration plant for industrial applications and the Atenea microgrid were introduced.

CENER is a center of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Struggle and the Government of Navarra that develops applied research on renewable energies and provides technological support to energy companies and institutions at an international level.

Navarra Science, Technology and Innovation Plan

Morant also attended the presentation ceremony in Pamplona of the Navarre Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2021-2025, a tool for the planning and coordination of R&D and Development policies in this community.

During the event, the minister emphasized Navarra’s assertive commitment to effective science and reminded that our country is the third autonomous community that invests the most in R&D, above the Spanish average.

He also underlined that the Science and Technology Foral Law, which was approved more than 4 years ago, inspired the new Science, Technology and Innovation Law in Spain. “The Navarrese law has been a pioneer in establishing a funding target for R&D and Development, which is the greatest proof of science,” the minister said.

Likewise, Morant has valued shared governance between communities and collaboration with companies around science and innovation, which are the guarantees of prosperity and well-being in our country.

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