Handball Eurocup: what is it, format, teams, matches and calendar

Handball Eurocup: what is it, format, teams, matches and calendar

this EHF European Cup started. This new championship features four of the best teams on the international handball scene. Among them, there is Spain, who have already played a match. ended in defeat Denmark. Of course, there is nothing to worry about, because the national team already has a fixed place. European.

In this case both such as Spain, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, etc. There are four teams participating. In this sense, it is important to underline an important detail: These teams have already qualified for the next big tournament in the Old Continent, so it is rarely played. EHF somewhat artificially.

Euro Cup, a round trip league

East championship It’s one of the most curious formats in existence, as it includes teams that don’t have to play the next qualifying stage. European. In the case of SpainThis hasn’t had to happen in recent years because of his excellent results in major championships such as World Cups.

Regarding the format, it is worth noting that this league is a league with round-trip matches. Included is a single group of four teams and the first stage is played this month. October. in March and April 2023 is the time when second skirmishes will take place between the respective teams selected to play. EHF European Cup.

In addition, we must highlight one of the most important points of this competition: the prize that the winner receives. Should the competition take place, there will be a spot for the winning team. 2024 OlympicsIt will be played in Paris.

October, March and April, selected months

On the other hand, it should be taken into account that the competition did not take place in a single month. this month October The first date selected for EHF European Cup 2024 take place. You can see the first clashes here, as in the duel between Spain and Denmark.

Regarding this, it should be noted that these first games will be played from the second division. 12 to 16 October. Later, between 8 and 11 From March 2023, according to the organizer of the championship, the EHF, there will be other matches, in which the Sweden – Spain duel stands out. Finally, this league will close in the coming days. 26 and 29 April of next year.

Four of the strongest picks available

Another point to be emphasized about this championship is about the current teams. Here you can see the current world champion, Denmark, Europe, Swedento the organizer of the maximum selection tournament, Germany and Spain.

A Spain who is already preparing the next one World Cup this will happen in just three months. January of next year, one of the most coveted championships will be discussed and there, he wants to do a good job allowing our team to be at the top.

Schedule of the EHF Euro Cup 2024

First day (12-13 October)

  • Germany – Sweden (10/13, 19:00)
  • Denmark – Spain (10/12, 21:00)

Second day (October 15-16)

  • Spain – Germany
  • Sweden – Denmark

Third day (March 8-9)

  • Sweden – Spain
  • Denmark – Germany

Fourth day (11-12 March)

  • Spain – Sweden
  • Germany – Denmark

Fifth day (26-27 April)

  • Sweden – Germany
  • Spain – Denmark

Sixth and last day (29-30 April)

  • Denmark – Sweden
  • Germany – Spain

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