How to take care of your children’s oral health on Halloween

Halloween party candy can affect children’s oral health. But don’t worry, with our tips you will know how to take care of them and avoid complications.

How to take care of your children's oral health on Halloween

Last update: 23 October 2022

We are close to Halloween, a celebration that is gaining more and more popularity, especially among the youngest. We share some tips for celebration. Halloween does not pose a risk to your children’s oral health, because it’s about the costumes, but also about a lot of sweets.

Many beauties fill the little ones with joy and enthusiasm, but also risk the integrity of their teeth. So beauties Halloween does not affect the oral health of children, certain precautions will have to be taken. Responsible consumption of sugar riot and extreme oral hygiene are strategies that help reduce complications. in the mouth.

How does Halloween candy affect children’s oral health?

A large amount of sugar found in sweets and treats consumed by children Halloween makes it very harmful to your oral health. This substance is used by bacteria in the mouth to grow. and duplicate it. When these build up on the surfaces of the mouth, they form a sticky, colorless film called plaque. By metabolizing candiesMicrobes produce acids that lower the pH of the mouth, destroy the hard tissues of the teeth and irritate the gums.

If the residue is not cleaned with brushing and saliva, acidity in the mouth gradually decreases, the minerals of the teeth are lost and as a result gaps. Sticky sweets with a high amount of processed sugar remain attached to tooth surfaces for a long time and promote the action of bacteria and the development of disease.

It’s best to avoid sugar with a sticky consistency, as its residues can stick to the teeth and make it difficult to clean.

Worst Halloween candy for kids’ oral health

most sweets and commercial treats have high sugar content refined. East component allows bacteria to multiply. However, while they are all a risk factor, there are certain characteristics that make some of them important. sweet especially harmful. Some of these are those:

  • Hard candy and lollipop: They take a long time to be consumed and remain in the mouth, so they are more harmful.
  • sticky treats: The consistency of some desserts, such as jellies or chewy candies, is another detrimental factor. This is because its residues get stuck in the teeth, complicating cleaning and facilitating the appearance of dental injuries.
  • sour candy: is another bad option, especially if they’re coated in sugar. Well, they gradually lower the pH of the mouth, and with it the teeth are destroyed.
  • Food and drinks containing sugar: Hidden ingredients such as added preservatives or sweeteners also harm teeth. Ice cream, potato chips, ultra-processed snacks, pastries and beverages are some examples.

Less harmful sweets

It is important to pay attention to the treats that your little one will consume. and avoid those that are most dangerous to their teeth. For example, chocolate and sugar-free gum are less harmful sweet options. The first, the purer, the better. On the other hand, sugar-free gums one of the best commercial alternatives to take care of oral health your children Halloweenas they stimulate saliva production and help Control bacterial plaque.

Plain chocolate contains fewer added sweeteners, making it a safer choice compared to other desserts.

Tips for dental care on Halloween

Although it eliminates the consumption of sweets Halloween Taking care of children’s oral health will be the best solution, it will make a lot of meaning out of the party. You don’t have to be a spoiler and eliminate treats, however, resort to some strategies that help prevent complications in the mouth. Here are some tips for the holidays to keep in mind:

  • Classify sweets brought by children and avoid the most harmful ones. Choose quick-melt chocolates, marshmallows, sugar-free gummies or candies.
  • Better little one eating their sweets in one sitting before the occasional snack.
  • appropriate offering refreshments at the end of the meal, because then there is more saliva production. Also, if the little one eats well, there will be less cravings for sweets.
  • propose to the child lots of water fluorinated eating your desserts. This will help rinse your mouth and dilute the sugar.
  • Pay special attention to brushing your teeth. Try to clean your mouth after eating sweets and complete your hygiene with fluoride toothpaste and dental floss.
  • Take your little one for checkups with a pediatric dentist every six months.
  • Choose fun and healthy options for trick-or-treating. Sugar-free popcorn, spooky fruit pieces, or homemade sugar-free cookies may be better options.

Have fun and take care of yourself!

his arrival Halloween It creates a lot of emotions and expectations in the little ones. A few days before the party, the kids pack their costumes and bags to go out and collect scares and surprises. But also this celebration It can be used by families as a learning moment. The event can be a good opportunity to teach the responsible consumption of certain products and the importance of taking care of the body. It will not be necessary to ban or eliminate sweets, but it is necessary to accompany and teach the little ones to enjoy the celebration without neglecting their oral health.

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