LaLiga wants “a sporting law for all” except Real Madrid – Sevilla

LaLiga wants "a sporting law for all" except Real Madrid - Sevilla

  • The rivalry strengthens its position in the duels of the white club and the duels against Barcelona and the rojiblancos, with unseen messages on explicit request.

  • Osasuna managing director Fran Canal assures Florentino Pérez “condemns all LaLiga’s trade deals abroad to prevent its growth”.

Anyone who has seen the games of the eleventh day League Next to the marker where a Ukrainian flag has appeared in recent weeks, you will have read the following message: “Sports Law for All”. The most talked about topic in Spanish football in recent days and which could lead to a strike call.

In all games except two: Real Madrid – Seville on Saturday and Barcelona-Athletic Sunday. The white club is the one that manages the position Javier Tebas and most LaLiga organizations face. These seek the support of the Government and the Spanish parties to maintain the internal competition against the Super League.

Project led by Florentino Pérez appointed a new CEO a few days agobut he just had a big setback With Premier teams refusing to participate. Laporta and Barça were on Real Madrid’s ship from the beginning. Athletic would also be on their side, so the three teams did not allow LaLiga protest messages to appear in their matches. If they played as visitors, in principle they could not do this.


Real Madrid condemns all LaLiga commercial deals To prevent its growth abroad to launch the European Super League, which will lead to the economic devastation of the struggle of Spanish clubs, he assured Fran Canal. Play time Cadena Cope’s photo. “If the new Sports Law does not include the changes LaLiga demands, all teams will find themselves facing terrible problems. We could lose 900 million a year and surviving would have big problems“, added.

At the same station, it was reported that Barça’s current position is for the time being. let them do, let them pass. Quico Catalán, Levante president and LaLiga vice president, said:It’s a situation where 39 clubs go hand-in-hand and three clubs that have never taken a position with us.”. Earlier, Cádiz president Manuel Vizcaíno Fernández said at Movistar +: “We are 1.4 of the national GDP, we are creating 250,000 jobs. We will not allow job loss Let’s get back to the benefit of one or two clubs that think one-way when they’re 39-40.”

Alfonso Fernández de Trocóniz, head of Alavés, expressed his views on the conflict. Sports CarouselFrom Cadena SER: “We want to continue to have the model LaLiga has. The new project sows legal doubts and puts any competitive growth project in a tough spot.”. Also, the lead leader of the team, which currently plays in the Second Division, said that they “signed the CVC operation for the growth of the clubs and that way it will be leftfa. The strike is an issue that will be discussed in parliament on Thursday.but I hope this decision is not reached and he is in good mental health.”


LaLiga called its clubs to an Extraordinary Board on Thursday (October 27th) to “analyze the current state of the future new Sporting Law” and “evaluate and decide on possible actions”. employer association. The bosses strengthened their media rhetoric after the changes they had agreed with the main political parties were withdrawn at the last minute.

one acted Giving LaLiga and RFEF the ability to veto a club Participating in an international competition not recognized by UEFA or FIFA. The second was looking Avoid legal uncertainty when using assets and rights By LaLiga (in relation to CVC). Third, it aimed to preserve the content of existing art. Under section 46 of the current law, CSD will require an advance and positive report from LaLiga in the event of any RFEF regulatory change related to professional football.

The same person who didn’t appear in the match between Real Madrid and Sevilla is an absence that even Seville asset head Pepe Castro himself couldn’t justify when asked by Movistar+. What it did was to be close in the partner location of 95% of the LaLiga clubs. “We are on the side of a law that does not prevent starting a business. We have a strong league, one of the strongest leagues in Europe. You cannot block. There are certain phrases that need to be changed for all clubs to have the same opportunities. before everythingmeritocracy capable of achieving sporting results in Spain and Europe”, condemned Castro.

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