Lebrija thrown into the street as the emergency room is transferred to the health center

Lebrija thrown into the street as the emergency room is transferred to the health center

This Saturday, more than 5,000 Lebrija residents and some from the area occupied the streets of Lebrija demanding more medical staff to open the Health Center and Mental Health Area. called by Lebrija Public Health Advocacy Platform, lThe demonstration ended with a manifesto reading at the Hospital door.

Primary health care in Lebrija has been precarious for years. The lack of family doctors and pediatricians in the town are increasingly common shortcomings. Neighbors endure waits for medical appointments, sometimes exceeding 40 days. There hasn’t been a pediatrician in town for years.

Neighbors denounce that they endure long and boring queues at the gates of the Health Center every day, whether it’s cold, hot, rainy or windy, to request an appointment with the GP or just to take an administrative action.

Platforms like Salud Responde, set up by the Department of the District, are complaining that Salud is “not responding,” as some people who have come to make appointments or trades ironically point out. The Platform, which allows the Board to request an appointment with the Health Board, directs you to the Health Center in most cases; The same thing happens if you want to cancel.

Faced with this situation, a group of people, a few years ago, worried about their health status due to the neighbors’ difficulties in accessing the Public Health System and its health consequences, decided to organize themselves on the Platform. He was enlisted in the Defense of Public Health in Lebrija and began to mobilize and condemn the situation in front of the South Seville Health Zone Administration. Reactions have always been shy or never, they complain.

Periodic concentrations at the doors of the Health Center, the collection of 7,500 signatures in a very short time, two big demonstrations, meetings, etc.

Situation giving rise to complaints

In June of this year, the South Seville Plumbing District Administration, It was too much for three female doctors per shift to care for 150 to 200 patients in the hospital emergency room in High Definition Hospital and deciding to remove one specialist per shift, only two doctors per shift. They say that, given the deteriorating working conditions of professionals and the continued attention of the emergency department, 10 of them have quit their contracts and terrible management has ruined a working EMS.

On October 7, the district administration contacted the hospital’s management and professionals through the medical sub-directory. Health Center decided to move HAR emergency department therewas originally only 12 hours (8am to 8pm) and was later extended to 24 hours. “On October 17, this became a reality, and emergency services began spontaneously and impossibly in a Health Center with no staff, a staff that had been depleted for years for Primary Care, and no equipment available. HAR” denounces the platform.

In this case Lebrija Public Health Advocacy Platform, which has been in action since mid-September They are holding a large meeting in the Plaza del Pueblo to request more medical staff for the center and to agree on steps to take in the face of what they see as outrage and violence in accessing Neighbors, to welcome Primary Care with dignity. Adjacent to the Public Health System. Among the agreements, it was unanimously decided to hold a demonstration from the Health Center to the High Definition Hospital on Saturday, October 22 at 11:30.

The council’s agreements are made public in Lebrija and the influence of the municipality, companies, political parties, unions and associations is explored. The only point on the agenda is an extraordinary plenary meeting with adherence to a manifesto that calls for the reversal of the Health District administration’s decision and the provision of sufficient medical personnel to participate in primary health care in Lebrija with dignity. The PSOE, Ganemos Lebrija, and Ciudadanos voted in favor of the manifesto, and the Partido Popular voted against it. Likewise, parties other than the People’s Party in the General Assembly also publicly expressed their support for the rally organized by the Citizens’ Platform on October 22.

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