‘Let them do sports, handball is better’

'Let them do sports, handball is better'

He is 52 years old and is a part of the generation of young teachers who entered the schools of our city in the 90s. Handball, which has shaped his life since childhood, continues to be so after he became an actor and still is. a trainer.

She is in charge of the women’s section of Los Dólmenes-Tierra de Maestros and hopes that soon a woman from Antequera will be at the forefront of this sport. Handball is part of Sotos, one of the oldest families in Antequera.

After acting and promoting Handball in class, she is the coordinator of the women’s section of the Los Dólmenes-Tierra de Maestros club. He kept his team’s jersey on the field until he was 33 years old and started to become the second coach of the main teams. In the land of the first sword and Handball for six years, she has been coordinating the feminine impulse: Antequera.

After a season where the sophomore finished sixth in the CADEBA (Andalusian Folk Sports Championship), a feat for Antequera, and she hopes to keep adding.

His first memory of this sport: “It belongs to my brother Paco, but not at my house, at the Pacheco track, next to the Municipal Pool.”

Women’s handball emerged at this stage in the late 90’s “when my brothers Ángel and Paco were working with the girls at Infante don Fernando and I was working at my school in La Victoria as an extra-curricular activity to offer them more than just basketball. Agustín promoted his dedication very well”.

“They see that girls are normally much more selfless, you know handball, you have to prove to the boys,” he emphasizes.

Currently, there are seven teams, two youth, two children, two students and one youth. “There will be more than 120 girls next to the school run by my brother Ángel” in Infante.

Comparing it to “There are more girls than boys, I like it as a female coordinator but we have to get back to hitting the boys” is for a club that has always prioritized the base.

He asks his students: “Let them do sports, handball is even better. I have always liked that they do sports in their spare time.”

As a teacher, he emphasizes that “the values ​​conveyed by a team sport are more satisfying than an individual sport, but in the end it’s all about getting some practice”.

After the teens, “The problem is that when they finish, most of them continue to study abroad and quit. “The fact that they continue to be connected with sports here by combining work with sports is something we have to come back to.”

A top team “will be one of our goals, we should aim to achieve that”. Of the eleven girls who finished last year, “all ten received offers.” In order to achieve this, “there are demands, the problem is that women’s sport cannot be lived today, it should be like a hobby” and transcends the restlessness of the first year of university.

He advises parents: “Handball, in addition to investing in health, guarantees you to make friends that will last a lifetime. Lorenzo and I met when we were 6 years old and we moved on… like Emiliano, Joaquín, Ontiveros, Linde…”.

And as a piece of advice: “When your daughter scores the first goal, it’s an unforgettable feeling in life” and predicts a great future ahead of a great future in this sport by saying “I bet there is a player when he plays with an important team, that first jersey is mine”.

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