“People are the center of digitalization”

"People are the center of digitalization"

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“Excellence”, “agility”, “attitude”. Keywords to understand its success business schools Spanish on the international stage. This was announced by the attendees of the table this Thursday. Integrating innovation in business schoolsWithin the scope of EL ESPAÑOL’s national congress on education, Malaga.

While the discussion highlighted that this trend goes far beyond the technological aspect, it highlighted the commitment of these entities to innovation. “Students should be able to research things and think critically; that’s the basis; we can offer them a lot of content later, but we have to start teaching them to think,” he said. Ignacio de la Vega, director of ESIC-Malaga.

a line shared by Marisa Durán, Business Development Director, EOI Andalucíaemphasizing that “the center of digitalization is in the human being”. “To be able to work on his skills, the student has to choose his own knowledge and digitization will be on the way,” he insisted.

Round table. Integrating innovation in business schools

On your own behalf CEO Mano Soler Les Roches Marbellaspecialized in tourism and hospitalitylauded his work to incorporate innovation into the DNA of the business school. And it does so by emphasizing, for example, that additional use of technology should be in favor of promoting greater customer service.

Agility as the key

For De la Vega, one of the keys to increasing the weight of business schools over other institutions is this: “listen to the marketHe asks what he needs to deliver.”

The managing director of Les Roches Marbella adds, in his case, the importance of trying to drive the trend in the industry, but always through “heavy” conversations with the industry we serve. “Innovation is not just technology; We must also understand innovation in content and how we deliver it”.

Durán adds to this thesis the need for innovation to “listen to the market” to assume a value contribution. “You have to constantly listen to the market because the students will be studying the day after tomorrow and they will demand it from you,” says the director of ESIC-Malaga, who insists on added value. concept continuous learning“.

Experts add to the virtue of agility in operation and responsiveness to the business fabric: recycle. “You need to prepare people and leaders with the ability to think faster, not fall into recession,” Soler says.

“Not that they know everything that moves, when they leave, they can adapt to what’s to come; we should be able to give that to the student at school”, emphasizes Ignacio de la Vega.

The Director of Business Development at EOI Andalucía is dedicated to not only cultivating talent and providing tools to students, but also ” ability to thinkreflect, question everything”.

the importance of “attitude”

One of the characteristics of private business schools is the link that connects them to the labor market. The reason that makes it more interesting if it’s possible to know which companies are looking for in these educational institutions and if it matches what students are looking for.

And the answer is stunning. “When companies send us students, what they ask us to train thembut not in technical matters, as in everything related to the skills and abilities to lead and manage teams”, stresses the Director of Business Development at EOI Andalucía.

The managing director of Les Roches Marbella adds: “In addition to professional skills, companies want to see attitude; What students look for in companies is a life project,” he emphasizes.

Shared by the director of ESIC-Malaga and “employability” search by students. “If they need to convince their father to pay for a master’s degree, it’s because he’s looking for it, not his future personal or professional growth,” he says.

“The company wants attitude and connecting two concepts costs the same lifebecause students often fail to understand it,” he adds, giving a strong message to students: “The student who cannot assume has to assume from scratch because otherwise he will suffer”.

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