PSOE-A requests the Board for a set of mental health measures including a suicide prevention plan

PSOE-A requests the Board for a set of mental health measures including a suicide prevention plan


The Socialist Group will defend an illegal proposal (PNL) on Thursday, 27 October, at the plenary session of the Andalusian Parliament, in which it demands a set of mental health measures, including a “plan” from the Junta Government. “Prevention and detection of suicides with specific strategies targeting youth and minors”.

Specifically, the parliamentary initiative Europa Press consulted consists of a dozen arguments that the Socialist Group wants Parliament to hand over Parliament to the Andalusian Government. A human rights-based and recovery-oriented biopsychosocial, community approach”.

Likewise, the PSOE-A asks Parliament to urge the Governing Council to “implement awareness and educational measures to combat the stigma of mental illness, including the media” and “develop an information system that provides reliable and transparent data”. measuring the magnitude of the problem and helping to decide on remediation strategies to implement”.

Other socialist claims are that Parliament has called on the Assembly to “increase the staffing and accessibility of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Units (USMI) in rural areas” and to “increase the network of therapeutic communities”.

Likewise, with this NLP, the PSOE-A asks the Parliament to urge the Andalusian Government to “strengthen support devices for Primary Care with clinical psychologists and nurses specializing in Mental Health” and to “increase the supply of Day Hospitals and Inpatient Units”. ” and “To guarantee the prevention and care of minors with anorexia and bulimia throughout Andalusia”.

On the other hand, the Socialist Group recommends that the Board initiate “Therapeutic Support Programs for families, home support and tutoring for minors, to address serious family problems, school difficulties due to mental health problems, and emotional dissonances among members.” as well as supporting “the establishment of family rest programs within the short rest periods of their parents”.

Finally, the socialist initiative proposes to Parliament to encourage the Governing Council to “guarantee final funding for mental health research” and “take specific and preferential measures on mental health for the most vulnerable groups such as girls, boys, adolescents and youth”. victims of sexual abuse, bullying or ‘cyberbullying’, women victims of violence, persons in prisons, those with dual pathology, the homeless, immigrants and persons affected by personality disorders”.


In a statement explaining the reasons for NLP, the Socialist Group emphasized that mental health is a “fundamental right” and an “indispensable element for personal, social and socioeconomic development”, and warned that it has recently been affected “because of”. “Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and its tragic consequences, and the instability and uncertainty caused by international tensions, and the economic and energy challenges arising from Russia’s war against Ukraine and the rest of Europe.”

Along these lines, PSOE-A argues that “in Andalusia, people suffering from these have worsened mental health problems and new problems and new patients are emerging,” and warns that “suicide occurs every 14 hours” in this autonomous community.

From the Socialist Group, they add that “the increase in the need for attention to mental health problems is not matched by the increase in available care resources” and that, in fact, “existing structures have weakened in recent years.” business schedules are “deterrent” and professional templates are “stable and in some areas in decline”.

For the PSOE-A, “a new system of care that works transversely, responsive to real needs” and “necessary in Andalusia to strengthen mental health as one of the pillars of the Andalusian Public Health System”. population”.

The socialist initiative also argues that “child and adolescent mental health is one of the main problems pending in our health system” and that “improving it is urgent” and underlines this in the latest report of the Andalusian Ombudsman to the Parliament. , “points to deficiencies in attention given to boys, girls, adolescents, young and old in Andalusia” and “points out that mental health problems at these ages are precursors of self-harming behavior, harmful sexual behavior and exposure to substance use” effects that persist throughout life and violence with serious consequences”.

Finally, to justify the presentation of this NLP, the Socialist Group noted, “The Andalusian Ombudsman noted the urgency of increasing resources to deal with mental health issues in our autonomous community, both at the hospital level and in the Health Service primary” and, among other issues, “especially It states that the number of professionals in the field of psychology and psychiatry should be increased”.

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