Radio Marca Lanzarote – rescued from CB Puerto de Carmen

Radio Marca Lanzarote - rescued from CB Puerto de Carmen

Tiñoseras defeated Oliveira&Faro Saeplast Cañiza to regain first place in the classification (33-26)

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  • CB Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen is back on the road to victory after falling against Group CHR at the Rondilla Sports Center field last week. El VallOliveira & Faro defeated Saeplast Cañiza (33-26) from Pontevedra in a match that coincided with the sixth day of the Women’s Silver Honor Division Group A in Ciudad Deportiva de Lanzarote.

    The Galician team remained with options throughout the first half. The progress of their goalkeeper Pamela Arca was positive in the first period (7-7, 15 minutes), but as the minutes passed, Bad start to episode 2It was an impenetrable slab for Domingo Borja Coello’s students.

    After the restart, the tiñoseras stepped on the accelerator and forced the Galician team to stop the game (22-13 minutes 40). After the break, Cañiza seems to have woken up, but it was too late. Despite this, the Galicians tried everything. Individual defense first against Paraguayan national player Fernanda Insfran and shortly thereafter defending the women against two Paraguayan nationals leaves the Galician stronghold almost a tiñosero beach handball attack. Cañiza kept trying and showed his pivots a good range of passing, with his 77 on his back and hands that looked like they were soaked with molasses, Yaiza Alonso catching almost effortlessly every ball he scored. To sweeten the result for Galician. In the final minutes, Juanmi Pérez once again caught up with all the junior squads in the Spanish women’s handball silver category in Ciudad Deportiva, with the exception of goalkeeper Paula Medina, within 40-20 minutes.

    The center of the Galician team, Yaiza Alonso, could not be stopped for the tiñosa defense in the second half with eight goals. In the rows of the aurinegras, they are all very choral. Paraguayan Fernanda Insfran He was once again the team’s top scorer with six goals, and Lucía Betancort and Lucía Olivier, among others, accompanied well on offense with five goals each.

    With this win, the tiñosero team returns to the lead with the same score as Carballal, Meaño and Valladolid, but with eight points one game less than these three teams.

    On the seventh day of the league, Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen will visit the undefeated El Pendo Camargo. It will be held on Saturday, November 5th at 8:30pm at the Juan Herrera Pavilion in Camargo, Cantabria.

    Data sheet

    CB Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen (33) Cristina Mazaira, Carolina López (2), Cristina Betancort (2), Beatriz Betancor (1), Lucía Betancort (5), Ana Zaida Rodríguez, Atteneri Morales (1), Mónica Cabrera (3), Paula Medina, Romina Machín (1 ), Carla Rodríguez (2), Lucia Olivier (5), Aitana Brito (1), Delyne Leiva (4) and Fernanda Insfran (6) Coach: Juanmi Pérez.

    Oliveira&Faro Saeplast Cañiza (26) Sara Carril (5), Ana Rodríguez, Emma Pérez, Alba Afonso (5), Sara Román (1), Lucía Afonso (2), Ángela Oliveira (2), Sabela Vázquez (1), Laura González, Pamela Arca, Yaiza Alonso (8) and Laura Morais (2). Coach: Domingo Borja Coello.

    Partial every 5 minutes: 4-2, 7-5, 7-7, 11-9, 13-10, 16-12(rest) 19-12, 22-13, 23-17, 26-19, 28-21, 33-26 ( final)

    Referees: Alfonso Moreno and Miguel Angel Indiano. Romina Machín was excluded from the game by CB Lanzarote Puerto del Carmen. Galician includes Alba Afonso and Yaiza Alonso.

    Events: Lanzarote Sports City Pavilion. The match coinciding with the sixth day of the Women’s Silver Honor Division Group A.

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