Lawsuits made with salt for the winter season in Zamora, fraud and fraud against the Ministry of Public Works between 2008 and 2012 were detected and an unsuccessful attempt was made to stop it. by those responsible Zamora Company Agreements and Public Works San Gregorioconstituent, Joint venture with Catalan Copcisa SA for the maintenance and upkeep of highways ZA-4 Sanabria-La Carballeda sector. meeting one of four members UTE management consortium, initials SGB, with the official and the head of protection and businessthat just now Sentenced to 4 years in prison by the Zamora Court Y three months in prison EJRGapparently didn’t let the scam end. The administrators did not condemn the illegalities and no action was taken.

Saint Gregory, who would take Imprint of former chief engineer of Zamora City Highway Unit, RTR sentenced to 5 years and 9 months in prisonIn order not to get involved in this fake operation Decided to leave UTE in 2007/2008 campaign. The Zamoran community knew, according to witnesses and no evidence, that the chief protection and exploitation officer was the sole ruler. Castile Transport Edype, created by his cousin and defendant DMHHe will be tried this Monday; and POA for those sentenced to 2 years in prison anyway.

The Fomento PFN watchman, who was sentenced to 6 and a half years in prison, is charged with knowing these illegalities and lying (giving an order as an official who knows its illegality), fraud, embezzlement and bribery with the technician and officer responsible. From sector ZA-4 of the Sanabria road network, initials SSS, has already been sentenced to two years in prison for bribery, fraud, fraud and embezzlement. Edype, who replaced St. Gregorysalt collected Cod from Aveiro (Portugal) selling it to Fomento in Zamora at very high prices.

Irregularities in management

1- Loss of documents and evidence.

this Loss of all documents until 2007 About UTE Rionegro’s salt and scrap management blocked Zamora Prosecutor’s Office The two winning companies endorsed their indications of liability, and as such, the four executives were acquitted before the Court hearing on October 17. fraudulent offenses and illegal enrichment of companies.

suspected in the beginning. police and forensic investigationwhen r is sortedRegistration of UTE’s offices in Tordesillas, Rionegro everything was destroyed. Only by the value of the testimonies of the workers who testified during the judicial investigation, indicative but undocumented, the prosecution decides to withdraw from the criminal case to the famous Zamorano manager and technician Emiliano Alonso and its three partners in the contract, Initials BMC, JIMM and GGBwith lack of evidence.

The company only Respond secondary to 45,000 euros of legal liability falling on the EJRGwho was the head of protection and exploitation, if it goes bankrupt After the Zamora Court sentence. Rionegro executives sentenced to 6 years in prison until last Monday.

2- Salt was paid for 0.05 cents and sold to Fomento for 60 euros.

From Edype company, its executives (EJRG, POA and SSS officials and this company’s DMH partner) collected salt from the company. cod from Aveiroa given once bought at other times, due to how difficult it is to dispose of At the symbolic price of 0.05 cents and was sold to the Ministry for use on the Sanabria-La Carballeda highways. 60 euros per tonso, by 1200 times the price paid.

They came to bill Fomento. 35,000 and 45,000 Euros for flux, according to the facts confessed by some prisoners. Edpype, who worked for the award-winning Rionegro in Sanabria-La Carballeda for 4 years, also bought several tons of salt. eddies (Saragossa) for supporting the Highways Unit 28 € per ton Compared to 55 or 60 euros for the product he brought from Portugal.

3- Oiled waybills.

Edype trucks carrying transported salt “much lower quantities” waybills reflected, sometimes uploaded double your tones these were actually submitted to Fomento. According to witnesses, this was common practice, as the evacuation process had to be controlled by the convict technician and guard and the authorities in a way that the SSS and PFN would not. delivery notes will be signed by UTE employees, neither the responsible person nor the Public Works officer has been proven. Apparently“The salt trucks were neither checked nor weighed, and in some cases they were even told to put more or less salt on the pieces to square the pieces”orders to be given by those responsible according to the witnesses who testified before the judge investigating the case.

4- Tax Office Report.

analysis carried out by Tax Administration to throw billed tone mismatch By Edype to UTE Rionegro in 2007 Corporation tax that year, 43,736 €). According to the Tax Office, the authorities’ company A total of 439 tons were purchased in Portugal, but billed the UTE, so the Ministry, 2.406its value represents a gap of 1,966 tons to be distributed among the members of this plot.

5- Fish tracks.

The scam not only affected the amount, but also quality it was “Bad because it is waste salt or has already been used, it contains traces of fish, bones and other foreign matter” it came to jam snow plow. even for a while “flux would like a different color”According to statements collected by the prosecution. This means that salt from the Portuguese city of Aveiro was transported. without sieving or recycling.

6- Clogging of machines and constant repairs.

Reports of frequent repairs to machines to clear constant blockages confirm this illegality, which has turned into scams and scams to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Up to 290,721.13 Euros in the only winter season for which documents were confiscated: 2007/2008. Before Edype, they provided the flux Ibérica de Sales, Unión Salinera y Fertilizadores Burgos.

Sale of scrap and biome; travel expenses, spa stays and gifts

lack of evidenceThe Zamora Prosecutor’s Office, who presented no evidence, refused to let the case continue. crime of deception in keeping documents it was for Director of the Highways Unit in Zamora between 2007 and 2012, Esteban Marino Alonso (currently a senior position at the Ministry of Public Works in another province and this is it months after retirement), nor the Unit’s chief engineerinitials senior officer RTR (what’s wrong with this A lawsuit is pending on charges of fraud of more than 300,000 euros for the construction of the chalet in Roales by companies working for UTE Puebla de Sanabriafor which he would argue the money was for work on the pavement of the A-52 and N-VI).

It was unclear who the officer was. authorized in this oversight documents nor who gives the order to destroy the documents. Again, Marino Alonso was sentenced to half a year in prison for improper bribery and suspended one year from employment and public office for taking advantage of leisure activities from the Ministry’s coffers.

Travel, hotel stays, gifts or other leisure activities with public moneythere were some illegalities, sometimes with Ministry cards, that resulted in convictions for bribery for several of the eight defendants.

Former chief engineer conviction for lying because like Responsible for organizing business and issuing orders knowing that an illegality has been committedan added offense scam and scam for the benefits of salt and bill fattening.

water seller abusewith sale of scrap and bioincreases prison sentences for civil servants, and Chief Curator, EJRG; also a crime for which he was convicted FAQ Ways Unit technician and officialsalso by fraud and briberyto buy vehicles and change wheels, which is charged to Fomento in total two years in prison and 6 disqualifications from work and public officewith someone else suspension of work and salary for one year.

this UTE employee RMI earned 25,000 euros from the sale of bionda It will be returned to the Ministry of Public Works and 360 euro fine. Finally, his initials POA owner sentenced to six months in prison and has to pay 35,000 euros.


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