Unrewarded heroic return to Barça in the Club World Cup

Unrewarded heroic return to Barça in the Club World Cup

this Barca handball made a heroic comeback by scoring six goals in the final. Damman (Saudi Arabia)however SC Magdeburg He declined last year’s rematch and reaffirmed his title in overtime. club world cup after another master class Omer Ingi Magnussonthe author of the 12 goals (41-39), including the 25-second sentence from the result.

The German team, which defended and attacked more carefully and successfully, won six goals (26-20) in the 38th minute and won on the track, but a time-out was given. Charles Ortega and 5:1 defensive transition writer arino They disturbed Magdeburg and allowed Barça to rejoin the match.

Aitor’s defense was outstanding, Emil Nielsen (8 stops and 30% success) was more toned. Gonzalo (5% and 20%) and azulgrana won a partial 2-8 in just eight minutes, and were paired with a final in German hands until then: 28-28 at 46 minutes. Alex (10 goals) and Fabregas (7) offensive command.

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Luis Carles Perez’s photo.

Azulgrana Ludovic Fabregas in great form

Magdeburg knew how to rebuild his pier after those moments of anxiety and doorman Another important part of the fight (15 saves and 31% efficiency) prevented Barça from completing the climb as it prevented them from taking the lead in normal time.

Both teams had a tough fight as big teams and aspire to win the Champions League as they were, but Magdeburg always pushed azulgrana’s limits, while the Germans claimed it again when they came out three (34-31) out of five. minute.

Barça always believed despite the extreme pressure on the champion. Bundesliga and in just two minutes, they re-established the equality with three key goals. N’Guessan, jank Y Fabregas (34-34 out of 57) shows the same irreducible character as the Germans.

Mertens made the situation 35-34, but Ortega’s board worked in the final game and Fàbregas forced the penalty. wane under maximum pressure (35-35) to take the final into overtime.

In these conditions, obviously, the game was already exposed to the details to determine the champion, and although Barça had options, Magdeburg was sharper and determined the title with two decisive final actions: Portner’s penalty save with Wanne’s 40-. 39 and then Magnusson’s final goal 41-39.

Data sheet

41 – SG Magdeburg (21+14+6): Portner (Jensen), Pettersson (6), Magnusson (12, 7p), Saugstrup (5), Kristjansson (6), O’ Sullivan (2), Mertens (6) -first team-; Meister, Weber (1), Bezjak, Smits, Damgaard, Hornke (3), Chrapkowski and Ruddat.
39 – Barça (17+18+4): Gonzalo (Nielsen), Janc (5), Mem (5), Fàbregas (7), Petrus, N’ Guessan (3), Ariño (2) -first team-; Cindric (1), Wanne (5p), Carlsbogard, Richardson, Langaro (1), Aleix Gómez (10, 4p), Makuc and Frade.
Referees: Vaclav Horacek and Jiri Novotny (Czech Republic).
Exceptions: O’Sullivan (2), Saugstrup, Magnusson (Magdeburg); N’Guessan (2), Cindric and Langaro (Barça).
Marker: 5-3, 8-6, 10-9, 12-10, 16-14, 21-17 (rest); 23-18, 26-22, 28-27, 30-29, 34-32 and 35-35 (finals). Overtime: 38-38 and 41-39.
Events: The Club World Cup final was played in Dammam Sports Hall (Saudi Arabia) in front of approximately 3200 spectators.

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