UTN San Francisco Science and Technology Conference is coming

UTN San Francisco Science and Technology Conference is coming

On Wednesday, October 26 and Thursday, October 27, San Francisco District College UTN’s Science and Technology Conference 2022 will be held, an event aimed at strengthening ties between this and other Faculties’ diverse engineering-related research groups, through ongoing research and the presentation of selected conferences.

In this sense, based on interdisciplinary approaches, communication and exchange of experience is suggested between highly specialized fields that allow solving problems and producing new technological alternatives.

In addition, the Conference aims to promote contact between the different groups and industry mentioned above, through the dissemination of scientific and technological advances produced in the world and the discussion of research carried out in Argentina. At the 2022 Science and Technology Conference, plenary conferences will be held by experts covering a variety of topics in a wide range of disciplines with an interest in technology and industrial processes.

Topics to be covered this year include sustainable cities, computer security, XR/AI technologies, electricity generation from organic waste, reverse engineering, polyurethanes and more.

These Conferences have been held since 2002 and create a space for Faculty students, teachers and researchers to approach science and technology content together with Industry. It will be held in a hybrid mode in person and with some events. The interviews will be face-to-face in the Level Four sector of UTN San Francisco and will be broadcast on our home’s YouTube channel.

In this edition, the research papers will be presented in a complete peer-reviewed study, and its compilation will result in a digital book conforming to the regulations of the AJEA journal (UTN Conferences and Academic Events), which will have its own doi. the ISBN of the work and the journal.

AJEA is a repository of open access publications of the National University of Technology (UTN) of the Argentine Republic hosted at http://rtyc.utn.edu.ar/index.php/ajea/. The site is overseen by the UTN Secretary of Science, Technology and Graduate Studies. The aim of AJEA is to be a venue that provides visibility to products obtained from different formats of scientific-technological meetings held in any venue and academic units of UTN.

For more information: https://jornadascyt2022.sanfrancisco.utn.edu.ar/


Wednesday, October 26

17 – 17.50: Sustainable, healthy, inclusive cities. By Arq Esteban de Manuel Jeréz.

6 – 6:45 pm: Computer crime and cybercrime in Argentina by Abog. Marcelo Temperini’s photo.

18:45 – 19:30: Computer skills and digital evidence by AUS. Maximilian Macedo.

19:40 – 20:25: XR/AI technologies in industry by Sergio Emanuel Cusmai.

20:30-21:15: Eng.

Thursday, October 27

17:45: Eng. Leonardo Arietti and Eng. Reverse engineering as a product development method by Víctor Marelli.

6 – 18:45: Polyurethanes and their numerous applications: Why is their versatility?, Dr. Mara Lis Polo.

19 to 20: Science, impact and collaborative innovation, Lic. Juan Pablo Luna.

8 – 20:45: CEOP as a predictive diagnosis in electronic equipment and automated processes (CEOP Process Oriented Energy Quality), Eng. By Guillermo Aglietto.

UTN San Francisco Science and Technology Conference is coming

UTN San Francisco Science and Technology Conference is coming

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