2-0 DiocesÁvila scores his fourth consecutive win

2-0 DiocesÁvila scores his fourth consecutive win

DiocesÁvila players celebrate their victory after the match. Photo: @diocesavila

one goal / The height duel, which took place on a rainy afternoon last Saturday, was classified into third and fourth. The two teams that come evenly and score the fewest goals in the group, Diocesavilamany deaths and turganowho played Copa del Rey a few days ago. The result was determined by Ávila, with two goals scored in the second half by two important men in the yellow team: Vincent Y Melek Artichoke.

The visitors were in control of the game in the first minutes, focusing more on the local goal, making a few corner kicks in the first minutes so that in the 10th minute Mario Velayos A Segovian football player who could be the first goal of the game had to successfully intercept to neutralize his shot. At this start, the ‘Dioces’ barely reached the opposing territory, all attempts were aborted by Turégano’s defence.

He came back perfectly just as he was about to complete the 20th minute. Mario Velayos with a save shot Duke, forcing a corner. From that moment on, the first collegiate approaches involving danger to Turégano’s domains took place. of these Ivan Lastras they wanted to be the ones who changed the reigning zero to zero. Melek Artichoke test the goalkeeper Guille and then the Segovian defense avoided the shot josito.

Mario Velayos reached perfection, and with it were rival players. For the third time in the first half, he avoided seeing his frame punctured three minutes before the break. Carlos. The yellow goalie was so sweet.

Vicente comes out and scores

after reboot josito He took the ball from the same goal line, preventing Turégano from taking the lead. The coach from Avila made a change to give the team more bite, Cesar Robles with Vincent who played his last moments wearing a yellow jersey, at least temporarily. It would take three minutes for the incoming striker to win 1-0 with a whip that put ‘Dioces’ ahead.

The game took a certain color from the local, with players willing to punish. In the final stretch, the ball hits the board after the shot. black paul front and Vincent he couldn’t reach the long ball he sent cute. Later on, Vincent head kicked and the opposing goalkeeper cleared the ball.

Five minutes after the end of rule time, the final 2-0 was produced with a flawless shot. Melek Artichoke after the corner kick. there could be a third target on sale Vincent with a shot from midfield. After a little bickering, Turégano tried to score an honor using a fruitless free kick.

Ivan Lastras:a tough win

The team commented on what it had to do. We have a very serious match. El Turégano took two actions to advance in the first episode where Mario was very successful. Despite the losses, everyone is reacting. Those entering from the bench changed the game. I am very happy because it is a very valuable victory against a great team

Vicente: “Team’s ambition is proven”

I was lucky enough to wear well on the first ball I touched. As a result of the goal, the team managed to control the duration of the match. We had opportunities and they didn’t produce much. We wanted more and did not leave ourselves behind. Happy with everyone’s work”.


two Dioces Ávila UCAV: Mario Velayos, Josito, Oli, Mario Hidalgo, Chris, Ángel Encinar, Fer (Nacho, b. 76), Diego Velayos (Hugo, b. 87), Pablo Negro, Pitu (Aruna, b. 87), and César Robles (Vicente) ), m. 59).

0 Turegano: Guille Gómez, Borja, Carlos, Luis del Barrio (Jorge, m. 71), Cotrina (Víctor, m. 62), Duque, Luis, Marcos (Javi, m. 90), David Arranz and Adrián.

Goals: 1-0 (Vicente, art. 62) and 2-0 (Ángel Encinar, art. 85).

Judge: Gonzalo Rodriguez Sanz (Valladolid). Locals show Ángel Encinar, Fer, Chris, Nacho and Josito a yellow card. And to visitors Marcos, Cotrina, David Arranz and Duque.

Events: The match, which coincided with the seventh day of Group A of the First Regional Amateur Division, played on site B at Sancti Spíritu.

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