A man from Vitoria on the bench of the Asobal Handball League

Pablo Larrumbide Granollers

Paul Larrumbide he is 31 years old. gasteiz Granollers assistant coach and physical trainersecond available Asobal League It also competes in the Europa League (second highest continental competition). Pablo is a graduate of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CAFYD) in León, combining his passion for this sport with the knowledge gained in his studies. Tasks that enable you to participate in the success of your team, a young and promising workforce. The Granollers are currently second in the Asobal League and retain their second position from last season.

In mid-2020, after 5 years in the sub-categories, Larrumbide joined the Granollers first team as assistant coach and physical trainer. It seems that his arrival has been good for the club: he finished second in the Asobal League last season. “Even if it’s a small percentage, I need to see it, but It’s the players that make the difference”, admits Larrumbide. His work has not gone unnoticed, as he has also appeared in the Spanish team’s sub-categories since last year.

In February, Larrumbide went to Granada CAR: a concentration organized by Spanish coach Jordi Rivera, where he called 70 players and 8 coaches from the academy. The aim was to show the game model of the senior team to the youth.

Pablo Larrumbide's selection

Pablo Larrumbide during the training of the subcategories of the national team.

Last season, Granollers excluded from European competition in the second round. For now, the Catalan club’s challenges are more at home than abroad: “The aim in Europe is to enjoy and progress as much as possible”. Of course: “It’s very exciting to play against the big Europeans and see if they’re with such a young team. we stand up”.

We repositioned the team as a reference in the League

In other sports with more resources, teams have a second coach and a physical trainer. But in Granollers, Pablo performs both functions, because handball doesn’t have the same budget. “I prepare the video analysis, the coach recommends tasks, and I assist him. As a physical trainer, we plan the week in addition to doing physical sessions in the morning,” emphasizes Pablo.

Of course, training sessions are similar to other sports. “If there is only one competition, it is normal 5 days with 2 double sessions in the gym. and a day off. When we play the European competition, it’s 4 days and not so many sticks,” explains Pablo.

Larrumbide has clear goals for this year: “Enjoy it and live this year with enthusiasm. I’m so proud We put the team back in the League as a reference. We have a very good academy, it makes you proud to see them grow.” Finally, he wants to fight for a short title like the Copa del Rey, “it would be very difficult, but it would be great,” he says.

Origin, passion and shortcomings

Pablo loves handball since childhood. It started in Samaniego and later corazonists. She left Vitoria-Gasteiz to study at the university in León, where she trained the women of Cleba León, changing the space of the benches. His great work made him assistant coach of FC Barcelona’s Cadet ‘B’ for a year and has been linked to the Granollers from 2016.

If handball has a place in Vitoria, the main thing will be to take care of it and promote it as much as possible.

Pablo remembers the coaches and teammates he lived with throughout his handball career. He thanks Antonio Rama (Granollers head coach) for betting on him. It highlights the healthy fans of handball and its magnificent nature. “we take very good care of each other. It’s a great sport, the result is always changing,” says Larrumbide.

At that time, What is missing from handball to be more successful in Vitoria-Gasteiz? The Granollers assistant coach is clear on this: “He needs more participants. And among those who are addicted, take care of them as well as possible.”

Pablo Larrumbide Granols

Pablo Larrumbide (above, second from right) celebrates a successful season with the Granollers.

And in a city like Vitoria-Gasteiz, where football and basketball are the most followed sports by the citizens, this dynamic sport is in the background. But Pablo does not give up and hopes. If handball has a place in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the main thing will be to engage with it and promote it as much as possible..

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