AmazonTEC2022 presents the latest in science to protect the Amazon – Knowledge Zone

AmazonTEC2022 presents the latest in science to protect the Amazon – Knowledge Zone

Amazon is reaching a critical level in the face of the intense progress of climate change around the world. In order to confront the climate crisis and take urgent action to reduce deforestation, emissions and poverty in the Amazon regions of our country, the new edition of “AmazonTEC2022”, which will feature the latest developments in technology, is being developed. The science and technology that Amazon is trying to protect.

The event presents how technology and science can more accurately detect critical situations such as increasing deforestation, land smuggling, illegal logging, illegal mining and practices in the midst of the economic crisis our country is facing in this post-pandemic period.

In this context, the first session of AmazonTEC2022, held on 12 October, allowed experts from Uruguay, Brazil and Peru to present the latest developments and technological applications for traceability of forest products, guaranteeing zero deforestation and degradation in the Amazon.

AmazonTEC’s second session, which took place on October 20, focused on demonstrating the behavior of climate change-related phenomena and their impact on the Amazon, as well as technological and spatial advances that help better understand the tools available. to fight them.

In this context, NASA presented space technologies to monitor climate variables, biomass and carbon identification, and demonstrated the GEDI and NISAR missions, which are already producing key information to combat climate change.

“All this can be viewed in 3D from space and is an interesting development that NASA has presented to the world,” said María Elena Gutiérrez, executive director of Amazon Conservation (ACCA).

Also demonstrated are other technological innovations useful for predicting and predicting flooding in the Peruvian Amazon, which is becoming more frequent due to climate change.

Amazon’s vision for 2050

At the last session of AmazonTEC2022 to be held on October 27, senior officials including Environment Minister Wilbert Rozas will meet for the first time; Representatives of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Peru; Leaders from Amazon communities and experts in the conservation and science and technology sector are about to take up and discuss a working agenda and vision for Amazon for 2050.

This session will be a strategic thinking space on the urgent agenda to achieve a resilient and prosperous Amazon.

The first explanatory presentation will be made by the prestigious Peruvian scientist José Marengo Orsini, who is dedicated to the study of global warming and will deliver the keynote entitled “The Amazon Forests at risk from climate limits: Contributions of science and technology”. His presentation will focus on the latest findings of the Scientific Panel Report for Amazon on the current situation, challenges and threats in the Amazon region, and how technology can help us combat them and prevent such a risky tipping point.

Marengo is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Amazon Scientific Panel.

Likewise, experts Matt Finer and Sidney Novoa from the Conservacion Amazónica – ACCA will show the report “Equilibrium of the Amazon in Peru”, which will reveal the progress of deforestation, illegal mining, illegal logging, forest roads, land use. change, among others.

AmazonTEC2022 is organized by Conservacion Amazonica – ACCA, with support from the USAID Prevention Project and Norwegian Cooperation NORAD/NICFI, and will be broadcast through ACCA and its allies’ social networks on forest protection and conservation, INFOREGIÓN informed. . . .


  • AmazonTEC is managed by the Peruvian nonprofit Conservacion Amazónica – ACCA to create science and technology-based policies and tools for the protection and conservation of the Amazon ecosystem. Follow us: our social networks and website

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