Ambition and enthusiasm to bring handball back to the elites from Granada

As with any collective sport, an entity needs core values ​​to be shaped and consolidated. Effort, development, perseverance and respect are the pillars that ensure continuity. UN Granada Foundationis a club that was founded a few months ago with the goal of bringing Granada handball back to its rightful place, both regionally and nationally. UN Ciudad de Granada, last June CB Granada Foundation, the Granada basketball team that premiered in the ACB this season. The moment of merger couldn’t be better than this to provide visibility and packaging to a clear planning that bets with great ambition.

Jose Manuel Bueno and Jesus RodriguezThe president and vice-president of the UN Granada Foundation opened the doors of GranadaDigital to show the main foundations of this project, which will fight with determination and self-sacrifice to this campaign to try to rise with its female and male staff. “90% of the men come from Maracena Handball. The team lacked continuity, the players decided to leave and from the very first moment we wanted to create something of our own and bring together as many people from this group as possible”, manifests itself in explaining the beginning of this existence. As a result, the idea of ​​forming a new team begins to take shape. The president, who has a good relationship with Óscar Fernández-Arenas, combining basketball and handball with the intention of bringing the two sports together. “Idea that sounded good to the president of the CB Granada Foundation is finally starting to move forward”.

“We didn’t talk practically anything about promotion to the ACB. We came out of them as a division, but we are completely independent about grants and more. We will have the same outfits as them, but with our own sponsors. It can be rewarding if we know how to run the Foundation name after promotion. The things we see, the things that need to be polished, will be talked about, and others,” they add.

The directors state that when the team is formed “between May and June”, they were quite “happy” not knowing whether they would have difficulty moving forward, but that they had enough support from different companies to make an exit. “Institutions need time and I hope they will turn to us. It is a project of the future, not of today. One of the things we want our strength to be is, school theme. It will be promoted gradually,” says Bueno.

But we must be realistic and know that handball is a “minority sport” and that it “starts to have a certain presence” in the possible. “We need to take our place little by little. This year we need to show that the project is solid. We need to take the rowing, the curriculum. Schools will want to come together. Joining the Foundation will also be easy. Sell to principals and parents When these schools see that the project is solid and consolidated, they will take a solid step forward. .There are a lot of closed deals and now that we started late, we may hit a wedge. The idea is to work hard so we can deliver a lot more in May,” says vice president, stone pit as one of the most notable foundations in existence. In fact, they’re already reaching a few people agreements with schools and other teamsas the female youth of BM Padul, which will be the girls’ subsidiary.

Left to right, Jesús Rodríguez (vice president), Óscar Valero (men’s coach), Javier Elvira (men’s coach), José Manuel Bueno (president) and Pablo Perea (women’s coach) | Photo: Juan Perez

Two teams with lots of levels and caches

Although they are new, they are not new. They have a roster of very talented players led by coaching staff with a lot of experience and cache. women’s team to start First National League under the name Frexol UN City of Granadawill be as a coach Paul Pereacurrently managing the group Spanish women’s youth team. “We have been living handball closely for a long time and we were expecting a project of this scale in the province. We want to take the handball from Granada to the top of Andalusia and Spain.. We are lucky to have a large and level group. We are proud to represent handball in your city and country. We are proud and aware of that. We want to be the focal point where the little ones are seen,” adds the female coach, who was not afraid to participate, “if we think the project is exciting.”

For his part, the men’s team will play Second National League thanks to the agreement with UN Vega de Granadawho has that place in that category and will go out to play with them UN Vega Granada City. The coaching staff will consist of: Javier Elvira and Oscar Valero, two blessed leaders in this sport. “There is enthusiasm and desire. There is a base in Granada to do important things. Although there is also a responsibility to know that this can be achieved. Obviously, after the deal with Fundación and promotion to ACB, it opened a lot of doors for us. What to do An example of what it takes: to work and not lose your mind. You have to get people’s attention. and they see themselves as reflected in the team.

This is how the captains reflect it. Paula Torres It confirms that there are “too many levels” and that they are “too intense”. “Most of us come from playing in the División de Honor Plata. We want to choose more with this club”, thinks the winger, who is excited to be head coach of Flexol BM Ciudad de Granada, “is a person who knows a job. He has experience, motivates you and you learn a lot from him every day”. At the same time, Carlos Manzano and Alexander Tuesdays They hold a very similar scenario. The captains of BM Vega Ciudad de Granada assure that this season “looks good” despite being a “complex category”. “We’ve worked hard. We’ve made a lot of friendships. We’re in great shape,” they continue. They also ensure that they take the CB Granada Foundation as a “reference” given their “devotion and values”.

The project was built in just a few months and yet the foundations look solid and rocky. His opinion is clear. They are anxious and want more, but closing everything against the clock they know that this course will be complex, but the level of managers, coaching staff and players is excellent, which can grow and develop the asset in leaps and bounds. limits. This has just begun. As they say, “it’s more about the future than the present”. Time will determine, but ambition and illusion are great in the world. UN Granada Foundation.

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