ASOBAL Handball League: Atl. Valladolid and Cangas in a very close match

ASOBAL Handball League: Atl.  Valladolid and Cangas in a very close match

Recoletas Atltico Valladolid and Frigorficos Morrazo shared the points in a very balanced match (25-25)where visitors controlled by imposing slow game speeds, but the locals were back in the middle of the second half to score at least one point.

Both teams came up with clear ideas about the trial. to impose a defensive intensity This would prevent the opponent from playing comfortably. When it comes to the Pucelano team, they even picked a team. Mixed with Del Arco, the most determined player of the Galician team, as soon as the game starts. The aim was to control the game and in that sense Natives taking initiative on the scoreboard, thanks to José de Toledo’s contribution to the overseas launch.

But Nacho Moyano’s were increasing the pressure in their area, and Atl. Valladolid started to block in the offensive direction. On the other hand, the azuln team was less strong in defense, which gave an advantage. visiting pitchers, Fodorean and Brais, to win one-on-one and reverse the result. With a score of 9-12 on electronics, David Pisonero stopped the clock to try to reorganize his players, but the truth is that they didn’t finish finding the defensive power shown in other games, nor was the circulation of the ball necessary. fluidity to knock down the wall that the opponent has lifted.

they were very remarkable Significant losses of Freitas, Petter and Miguel Martínez In Valladolid, he managed to reduce the rent from Cangas (10-14) four goals to at least two (13-15) before the break. this Galician team controlled the tempo and took it to the limit of the passive more accustomed to speed, which was not at all in favor of the locals, butand young Alejandro Pisonero, along with De Toledo, threw themselves behind the team. keep cutting distances (19-20).

D’Antino, taking advantage of one of the facility’s few counterattacks, tied the match and forced Moyano to request a time-out to prevent Atl.Valladolid’s return. Defense upgrade was key to this blue reaction, but stillinsufficient to flip the pointer. Pisonero sought a time-out once again with seven minutes to go, drawing 23 goals in search of certain disgust to secure a new victory at Huerta del Rey.

But they couldn’t finish. With connect up to 25 which will be final, the locals had up to three times to get the match, however Javi Daz and post prevented result from changing and in the last game, César Pérez also canceled the attempt from Cangas to add the winning goal.


25- Recoletas Athletico Valladolid (13+12): Lamariano, Borja Mndez (2.1p), Alejandro Pisonero (4), Pedro Martnez (1), D’Antino (5.2p), Miguel Camino (2), De Toledo (6), Dimitrievski (-), lvaro Martínez ( 3), Rosell (-), Pablo Herrero (1), Dimitrioski (1).

25- Frigorficos Morrazo Cangas (15+10): Javi Daz (Fons), Simes (3.2p), Quintas (-), Gayo (1), Fodorean (5.2p), Del Arco (1), Santiago López (5), Jenilson (2), Dorado (1) , Solio (-), Brais González (2), Vilanova (3), Chaparro (1), Aizen (1).

partial every five minutes: 3-3, 6-5, 8-7, 8-10, 10-14, 13-15-break-; 15-18, 18-19, 20-20, 21-22, 23-24, 25-25.

referees: Oyarzun Aylagas and Zaragueta Ruiz. Miguel Camino (m.10) from Recoletas Atltico Valladolid, Chaparro (m.13), Dorado (m.34) from Frigorficos Morrazo, were excluded for two minutes.

Events: The match that coincides with the fifth day of the Asobal League. , Huerta del Rey Sports Center in front of a thousand spectators.

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