“Ball should be an urban, youthful and low-cost sport”

“Ball should be an urban, youthful and low-cost sport”

Xavier Cazaubón in 2014 It occupied the existence of the International Basque Pelota Federation. These days he will seek reelection in Biarritz. The old Mexican pelotari is determined to spread the ball across five continents and make it more accessible.

The World Cup is starting, nervous?

No, he’s confident. This is a very important World Cup because 34 countries from five continents, more than 600 pelota players, 18 specialties, new outfits, women’s scoring basket, front ball… it will be very intense.

A more concentrated World Cup.

Yes, post covid World Cup and we decided to shorten it. There are no headquarters units here, there are three in Biarritz.

How’s the ball’s health?

Adhere to.

of what?

If we talk about Latin American baseball, it’s great to be a part of the Olympic family for the 2023 Pan American Games, it’s growing, there is a plan, new courts will be built. There is a certain pro ball that is in distress, but we must follow the 20-20 and 20-25 plan. We must continue and grow with the Olympic family. We need to make baseball an inspiring sport for young people. Ball should be an urban sport, young and accessible.

But the roots of the ball are in the countryside.

In agreement. But do we want to feed the ashes or feed the fire? If we want the former, the problem is not to say whether we will perish, but to say when we will vanish. If what we want is to feed the fire, the cannon should work to see how we feed it to our base. How can we conquer new fields and convince countries where baseball is not played that it is a modern sport?

“The modality you have to bet on the ball to try to be Olympic is the front ball”,
Xabier Cazaubon, President of the International Pelota Federation

Is all this happening to turn the ball into a more spectacular sport, or faster?

What were the last four sports to make it into the Olympic Games? Climbing, skateboarding, surfing and break dancing, what do they have in common?

Years ago, there was a desire to make baseball an Olympic sport, right?

When it is suggested to make baseball an Olympic sport, we need to see which modality we make Olympic. For example, when making the Olympic jump, rugby chose the formula for rugby 7, not rugby 15. We have to choose, and I chose.

Why are you betting?

Ball should be a sport based on what the IOC says. It has to be an urban, youthful, low-cost sport… and its modality is front ball. That means 7’s rugby Olympic is 15’s rugby dead, no. We need to go to a section of 10-17 year olds and start involving them. And we must expand our sport to five continents, this is essential to continue the project.

Set deadlines.

There isn’t any. But together with the president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, we are working for Mexico 2036. This is the dream.

The International is holding an elective assembly this year.

Yes, I am a candidate and we will see what the affiliated federations decide.

Started in 2014, do you have the spirit to continue?

Yes, I want to continue convincing the world to finally hold a World Championship in Argentina. The International was born there in 1929, since 1952, Argentina, where the first World Cup was held, has never been a candidate. Today, the Argentine Government, by presidential decree, declared San Luis’ candidacy to host the World Cup as a matter of national interest. If we’re in Argentina in 2026, I’ll be there too, and hopefully there’ll be a surprise at the same plenary session.

20th anniversary of the Pamplona World Cup.

I experienced it as Mexico’s ratchet hand trainer and it was a World Cup before and after. He was excellent in his organization, we remember him with longing, not regret.

Could a World Cup be rescheduled in Pamplona?

Of course. We will regain the America-Europe alter ego in the World Cups. If all goes well Argentina will be in 2026, Europe is back in 2030 and there is a candidacy that sounds good and it’s not Pamplona.

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