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We know that technology is a part of our daily life and more and more there is the concept of combining different devices that help us in various activities or just practical or curious.

We can find thousands of examples, from robot vacuum cleaners to home automation monitoring stations. gadgets just fun or aesthetic as various household items that can be controlled from our mobile.

We know that since the use of mobile phones has become the daily bread, the existence of classical watches has decreased and nowadays they are used as an accessory rather than for the functionality that has left its place to smartphones. smart phones.

Now, for years there has been a hybrid between these two devices, smart watch.

Apart from functioning as accessories, smart watches offer many functionalities as they can be connected to our watches. smart phone.

These allow us to have a wealth of functionalities within our wrist reach, without having to have our mobile with us all the time, be it checking messages, making calls, seeing the forecast, counting our steps, among other things. can bother us, which can be frustrating.

It is clear that the different functions will depend on the type and range of the model we choose, so now we will tell you how to choose it. best smart watches according to your needs and budget.

What to consider when buying wearable?

  • Screen: There are two main types of screens: OLEDs with good resolution and contrast, and AMOLEDs, which have higher brightness, resolution and quality, and are much more resistant to scratches and shocks. If you can, it is recommended to opt for the latter, although the former is also of good quality.
  • sports mode: if you plan to use smart watch Note that various models have various sports modes to monitor your sports performance. The most accessible models, for example Xiaomi Mi Band 5 smart watch They have pretty basic sensors like heart rate, sleep monitoring, step and calorie counter, and 11 sports modes.
  • But you can find it in the same brand. xiaomi peru smart watch higher range offering more functionality and custom options.
  • Waterproof: Not all of them smart watches They have this feature, which may be important to some. Therefore, if you do not want to be afraid, wearable splashes and stops working, take care of this feature. In this sense, we would like to tell you that everything xiaomi smart watch watch it will have a resistance of 5 ATMs you find on the market (i.e. it will last up to 50 meters including the surface)
  • Battery: The autonomy of such devices is significant, and the minimum expected value of their battery is 230 mAh, which provides about 9 days of use. However, you can always desire more autonomy.

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Everything organized in one app

The vast majority of companies provide an app for your smartphone that will allow you to collect all the data on your watch and configure it easily. you can follow yield sports, decide which notifications you want to reach or not. to watch, Customize your home screen among other things.

For example, today all Xiaomi smart watch They are compatible with Mi Fitness, an app that includes all models.

The advantage is that all data stored on your device wearable favorite in one place. You can also have goals here, for example, see distances traveled and calories burned, or import data from other compatible devices.

Sensor types

We will tell you which sensors can be found in different models. smart watch so you take this into account when choosing the right model for your needs.

  • Sleep monitoring: useful for measuring its quality and also for being able to tell if we are having a light or deep sleep, including tracking when we wake up.
  • Barometer: It can be really useful for those who do outdoor activities such as mountaineering. Usually found only smart watch price high, the most professional models. This allows you to measure temperature, atmospheric pressure, sea level and storm alarms.
  • Sp02: This is one of the sensors often found in even the most basic models, and its purpose is to measure oxygen saturation. This measurement is really useful when checking sports performance, because it is more than interesting to know how and with what quality we breathe.
  • Cardiac sensor: another basic sensor regardless of model smart watch Today, almost everything you choose wearable The quality has an infrared sensor that measures your heart rate from your wrist.
  • Ambient light: To automatically regulate the brightness of the screen, this sensor detects the intensity and brightness level of the light, whether outside or inside, to adapt and be well visible.
  • Gyroscope: This sensor is also only available on the most professional models and is always useful to know exactly what your position is, as it measures the angular velocity and the position of the device.
  • Accelerometer: again we find a sensor that is just inside. smart watches top level which is really helpful. This allows to measure the gravity, direction, direction and acceleration force of the device.

What you should look for to find your perfect model will depend on the utility you want to give it and the budget you’re willing to devote to this practical device.

Considering all these factors, we hope you can find the model that suits you best. smart watch watch price peru just for a model that fits your needs and your wallet.


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