Candelsa puts technology at the center of its business | Retail

Candelsa puts technology at the center of its business |  Retail

talk about the company candelsa mentioning such well-known brands in the industry retail What Euronics, Tien21 or Comfort. With Over 50 years of experience and annual sales volume of 70 million EurosThe company is a consolidated purchasing center for home appliances, consumer electronics and new technologies available in seven Autonomous Communities, through 232 physical outlets or in stores across Spain. online.

However, despite his vast experience in the industry, year 2017, Coinciding with a change in the management team, Candelsa had to make a strategic decision to ensure the continuity of her business: Make a clear commitment to innovation and put technology first. “Even though technology has always been around since our inception, before we started this digital transformation process, we realized that the dynamics and functioning of our daily activities revealed some technological needs, resulting in a lack of technology. business support”, Rubén Garrido, CIO of Candelsa.

Among the problems found at that time, the person in charge of technology, above all, ERP, the core system of the company. “There were data robustness issues, infrastructure performance issues, and very outdated hardware. The system itself caused difficulties in day-to-day business such as some manual processes that could not be automated, repetitive costs, or logistics and internal structure issues, which in turn impacted our relationships with our customers and suppliers,” he said.

In terms of customers, the company could not provide the necessary support with the B2B platform. That’s why they started promoting it from 2017. “B2B is Candelsa’s core business, the most important part, thanks to our partner stores, then it was essential to give it a shot; We had a lot of problems to manage our customers’ orders on the previous platform,” he said. From there, the company is a new B2B project with integration the most convenient, without dependency on third parties and 2018 was a before and after in dealing with partners. “From there, a much more direct relationship was obtained in real time and with all available information. stocks”.

Ruben Garrido.

But this was just the beginning. From then on, a global digital strategy was devised, with integrations of EDI integration (messaging communication) as important to business as a product database (PIM), which can centralize information about suppliers’ products across all platforms. performance of manual tasks) or implementation of SAP S4HANA release in 2021.

before this Switching to the SAP system“Aware that ERP, the core of our system, will change with the advent of SAP, we started to change all parts of our architecture layer by layer,” Garrido explains. Also, with the full integration of SAP in 2021, we were able to “automate many logistics and purchasing management processes and streamline the performance of manual tasks by integrating orders from major suppliers via EDI.”


In any digital transformation process, different partners In the case of Candelsa, some projects are important even though they are undertaken with equipment and technology. the most convenient. this is not the case new ERP integrationWith the Seidor company; wave reshaping e-commerceWith the transition to Magento 2 run in conjunction with Somos Synapsis.

Regarding the economic investment made by the company since this adventure that started in 2017, Garrido, five million euros“We count the renewal of all the systems we comment on”.

But for the company, this cost was an investment, not an expense, as the post-pandemic sales recovery and customer satisfaction were so rapid, for example, thanks to the implementation of the new ERP. . “The cases have also been greatly reduced. With the new architecture, there has been a reduction in the management and logistics of events with our business partners.. In addition, the handling of the goods in our warehouse has also improved a lot, especially in terms of time. “There are many indicators that allow the company to influence its income statement,” he said.

One of the most beneficiaries, integration with automated warehouse. We now have goods delivery with a smart system where it is not the operator going to the product, but the product itself via smart strips that automatically move to the operator. This integration with our ERP is now more agile and allows us to save time on logistics, processing and delivery notes”.

an irreversible journey

But the journey that the company began a little over five years ago is not over yet. For Candelsa CIO, “We continue to work on many new projects. When the heart of all architecture is fixed, We are working on a project to renew the POS, apps store collectionwhich will see the light next year. In addition, we are integrating the structure of Miró stores within Candelsa (where the company bought 50% of its shares) at the process and operational level.”

On this line, the company is currently focused on digital transformation of storesEspecially in the communications department, how they communicate with the head office and approach the partner through CRM software is a “need to be met in the short term,” explains Garrido. We want to know better what incidents and issues our customers have, work with them more directly, help us with this CRM not only in sales but also in marketing. And we have our next challenge.”

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