Conclusion of Conservas Alsur Antequera

Conclusion of Conservas Alsur Antequera

Finally the first victory came Alsur protects Antequera this season 2022/23. In front of the audience with a wonderful Sunday morning atmosphere, Fernando Arguelles Pavilion and with a perfect game, the greens won against their opponent on matchday four. EON Handball Alicante.

The beginning of what came from Chispi was explosive. Martín Molina scored the first from seven metres, after which Lucas Grandi was able to expand the advantage and a heist by Lucas himself resulted in another Molina goal. With a rather halted game, Alicante struggled to score in the green goal while the locals expanded their advantage on the scoreboard.

After the first ten minutes, the Antequera team had a small drop, after a few failed shots, they suffered a lot in defense and conceded a few goals, until the middle of the first half, David Quiles equalized from seven meters (6-6). But it would only be five minutes, because immediately with the equalizer, Conservas Alsur Antequera stepped on the gas pedal once again and Alberto Ruiz, Pau Guitart extended their advantage to three goals again with goals from the field and Nico. stealing (9-6).

The Greens smoothed out losses from previous games and were effective in front of goal where Padilla could do little under the sticks and the advantage increased with great control of the match and an Alicante that failed badly on shots. half arrives at 16-11.

If the first part of the team from Antequera had been very good, the second part would have been immaculate, although initially EÓN Balonmano Alicante took several shots in a row, but this would have happened. Pau Guitart’s showtime, hoarding and blocking visit targets after recovering.

It was a two-way match until in the 35th minute of the duel, Martín Molina, Fernando Moreno and Aitor Gómez broke the game in favor of the locals, who had already scored eight goals in the first ten minutes of the match. lead (21-13).

While Chispi’s team felt comfortable on the track, as the minutes passed, Alicante lost hope of returning. In the last minutes came the best version of Conservas Alsur Antequera, who played a great game where everything on offense went to the visiting goal. Alberto Ruiz, Álex Díaz, Nico… all added to the number.

Club Balonmano Los Dólmenes’ first team to make their mark in a match broke the top-two points record with their first win of the season against EÓN Balonmano Alicante with a score of 34-21. His two-week league break was good in that he was disconnected and returned to the Fernando Argüelles circuit at a high level and gave his fans a great game. Next week, those from Chispi will visit Ibiza.


Canned Alsur Antequera 34 (16+18): Guitart (2), Del Castillo (1), Grandi (1), López (6), Molina (6), Moreno (3), Baena (2) – starting from seven – Pérez (1), A. Ruiz (5) , Alarcón (p), Escobedo (), Ortega (), García (), Díaz (4), L. Ruiz (), Gómez (3).

EON Handball Alicante 21 (11+10): Padilla (p), Mirallave (3), Jiménez (1), Martínez (1), Linares (2), Ariel (1), De Novais (1) – starting from seven – Mancebo (), Feuchtmann (3), Hernández ( 1), Delgado (), Torres (p), Labañera (2), Moll (2), Quiles (4).

Partial every 5: 4-1, 5-3, 6-6, 9-6, 12-7, 16-11, -rest-; 17-12, 20-13, 24-15, 27-16, 31-19, 34-21, final.

Referees: Jorge Rodríguez Pacheco and Alejandro Nuñez Camacho from the Andalusian committee. Locally they excluded Alberto Ruiz and Cristóbal Ortega; and Luis Hernández on the visiting side.

Events: The match, which coincided with the fourth day of the Men’s Silver Honor Division Group B, was played at the Fernando Argüelles Pavilion in Antequera.

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