Congressional Sports Law report ignores LaLiga’s demands and zooms in on clubs’ ‘strike’

Congressional Sports Law report ignores LaLiga's demands and zooms in on clubs' 'strike'

  • The Culture and Sports Commission will discuss and vote this Tuesday on a text containing the same clauses that caused 39 of 42 clubs to take up arms and threaten to halt competition.

  • The final articles of the law can be amended both in the Commission itself and in the Senate before final approval, which may take place in December.

Congress report on the subject Sports Law ProjectIt will be analyzed and, where appropriate, approved by the Commission this Tuesday before the final vote in the Lower House and Senate. Ignoring the demands of 39 of the 42 LaLiga clubs. The text you access SPAIN NEWSPAPER Real Madrid retains the original wording in the disputed clauses that caused all First and Second clubs to take up arms, with the exception of Barcelona and Athletic.

The text presented by the Congress statement after the contributions accepted by the parliamentary groups, It is not final yet and can be changed this Tuesday, when the Culture and Sports Commission meets to issue the relevant opinion.. After the House approves, the bill will go to the Senate, where changes may also occur. However, the report is a clear indication that the groups, especially the PP and PSOE, are not willing to listen to US demands. League In view of the amendment of the law in force since 1990.

Clubs even threatened to stop the competition if the current article persists. The report of the presentation accessed by this newspaper reinforces his discomfort. It will be reviewed at an extraordinary meeting at LaLiga headquarters on Thursday.. That’s when clubs can make the drastic decision to call a lockout, which the RFEF says would be deemed illegal.

There are three conflicting articles. LaLiga showed their position against them weeks ago and managed to get the PP and PSOE to agree on changes that changed their wording.. However, these changes, which LaLiga attributed to pressure from the Real Madrid president, were withdrawn. Florentine PerezTo enjoy a smoother road ahead of the future launch of the Super League.


One of the articles 45. The text of the report states: “Giving the license cannot be made conditional on participation in other competitions or sports activities in any way”To protect national competitions from competitions like the Super League, while LaLiga demands that this not be the case.

Government sources remind at this point: European Justice must decide in the coming months whether UEFA and FIFA are in a monopoly positionIn practice, it means deciding whether the Super League complies with the European legal framework. they claim, therefore,The new Sports Law, which can be approved before the EU Advocacy General Assembly (December 15), cannot go in the opposite direction of a possible decision in favor of the Super League..

Article 46, for its part, removes the obligation that “changes proposed by the relevant Spanish Federation affecting official professional competitions will require prior and positive reporting from the relevant Professional League”, something LaLiga expressly rejects as it considers it unauthorized. against RFEF and threatens your business model.

The third of the claims aimed at protecting the common marketing of common commercial assets (like TV rights) It was not included in the report prepared by the declaration. At the moment, joint sale of audiovisual rights is protected by the Royal Decree Act 2015it is a lower order rule than a law and therefore more likely to be changed easily in the future.

The amendment, which was finally agreed upon by the withdrawn PP and the PSOE, contains two additions to Articles 52 and 89 that are not included in the text to be examined by the Commission this Tuesday. LaLiga predicts this course change jeopardizes Agreement signed by 38 clubs with CVC last Decemberbecause they got 2,000 million euro investmentgiven the legal uncertainty it produces.

All these disinterested demands caused An unprecedented mobilization of the president and club executives to censor current articles of the bill.. They’ve also had media deals and have placed the “A Sports for All Act” sign on many of the televised matches this weekend.

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