Exciting tone day at Cordovan handball

Exciting tone day at Cordovan handball

The national handball season continues to progress, and the different classifications of Cordoba teams are slowly taking shape, leaving the first shreds of hope and anxiety among members of the state. And in the men’s First National, both the Cajasur CBM and ARS Palma del Río continue to deliver good results, placing them at the top of the table. BM La Salle, on the other hand, continues before it starts and accumulates one more defeat, as happened to Deza CBM in the Women’s Honor Silver Division, where Adesal Córdoba managed to settle in the middle of the table.

Colegio La Salle, which started with the duel that undoubtedly attracted the most attention in Cordoba handball, hosted an exciting provincial derby between Cordoplás BM La Salle and ARS Palma del Río. The Palmeños’ brilliant start allowed them to place themselves quickly with a four-goal advantage in electronics. And ARS Palma del Río showed their great form by beating the locals so much that at halftime, the result resonated 9-16 in Palmeños’ favour. However, the locals never lost credibility to the game and tried to come back in the second thirty minutes. Thus, BM La Salle managed to come out of the gap with only four goals, but again, they were the visiting team that finished the match with a great game and eventually won 24-30 and moved up to the league with these two points. in third place, while La Salle is in fourteenth place.

As for the disputing third team in the Men’s First National Championship, after BM Pozoblanco stepped down, Cajasur CBM was back on the winning path by beating CBM Cantera Sur-Bahía 31-33. However, it would be the natives who would take the lead in the duel in the first minutes and would have a positive score of 9-6 in the first ten minutes. However, Cajasur CBM’s good play resulted in Cordovans trailing 13-16, with Antonio Romera being eliminated. The second half brought a balanced offensive and defensive duel with mutual kicks by both teams. However, although it was not easy, the Cajasur CBM again did not fall behind on the scoreboard and managed to manage their current advantage and eventually won 31-33 to retain second place.

Finally, the positive note regarding the Women’s Silver Honors Division is one more day, Adesal Córdoba. Rafa Moreno’s students made a grueling visit to the Imperial City UN, where they had to win, and they eventually did so, though not without suffering. Cordoba dominated most of the first half, scoring a three-goal lead at halftime. However, the home team always stayed in the match, putting pressure to score just three goals in the final minutes. In the end, however, Adesal Córdoba managed to retain the win and thus moved up to eighth place.

On the other hand, Deza CBM still has not started and remains the red light in the category, this time after adding one more defeat against UCAM BM Murcia. Fátima IDM was not enough for the Cordobans to take the first advantage of the match going to the Murcians and quickly managed to score four goals. Despite the struggle of the locals, who continued to fight and managed to be only one goal away from UCAM BM Murcia with three minutes left, they could not collect two points in the end and were defeated 18-20.

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