FC Barcelona – Elverum, handball Champions match live and online

FC Barcelona - Elverum, handball Champions match live and online

10/06/2022 at 18:33


Fourth round of the Champions League for Barça, who will want to take back the lead of Nantes with the same points and one more game

Carlos Ortega has all his troops ready, but will put the important guys in front of the SuperGlobe

Fourth assignment of champions Barça in an October starting in Norway and this does not provide a truce to the azulgrana. After that beat Szeged selection, Kielceand Celje in the first three European histories, azulgranas face today Elverum Handball, group B lastbut that he is the great judge of the Norwegian league as he has won the last eleven leagues in a row.

Directed by the 43-year-old legendary player Borge Lund, Elverum’s roster consists of Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic international players, as well as Croatian, Slovenian and Czech players.

Carlos Ortega will continue to distribute minutes in this matchBefore the avalanche of matches coming to azulgranas between Champions League, Asobal League, SuperGlobe and national teams.

We will broadcast the meeting, which will start at 20:45, live on Sport.es.

With this victory of Barça, we say goodbye to the pole. We meet again at Barça’s next European date, which will be at the Aalborg court on 26 October (20:45).

After this win, Barça continued to lead the classification alone.

Timotey N’Guessan was awarded MVP of the match. Well-deserved recognition after a great match at the Elverum pitch

Barça beat Elverum in a great match

30-46 (M.60) And with a goal by Pérez de Vargas into the empty goal, Barça are finishing a full game with a win against the bottom of the group with incredible percentages.

30-44 (M.57) Blaz Janc scores his private account’s fifth goal and only a few insignificant minutes remain

28-42 (M.24) Barça’s recital continues against Elverum, who could not react to the Barça avalanche, and the advantage is already +13

28-38 (M.52). Track 10 goals difference. Barça penalized the match, but the 52nd minute goal was missed by Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas, who came in with two saves from Grondahl’s shots. What a goalkeeper!!!!!

26-37 (26-37 M.49) Bombita de Ariño puts 11-goal advantage back on the scoreboard

25-35 (M. 46) Another name without wrinkles is Lukas Cindric, who goes from end to end of the track, throws the defense off-center and scores the sixth goal as he wishes.

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