“For a business to be successful, finding the right person is critical, and we’re committed to it”

Susana Vidal is clear on what happened. The function of Egaz Txorierri but also the challenges they will face in the coming months.

Employment Meeting with Txorierri 2022 companies promoted by Egaz Txorierri was held recently, what kind of balance do you establish?

—It’s a very positive balance. On the one hand, the unanimous participation of all people who share their business projects and concerns, on the other hand, thanks to the wide variety of professional profiles they request. This reaffirms the potential of the Txorierri region as a source of job creation, and based on what has been said, stable and quality employment.

How many companies from the region participated?

— The appointment is designed for around 50 people, so everyone has a place and time to express themselves. Finally, 53 people from 48 different companies attended.

The event allowed companies to learn first-hand about the service and video curriculum tool offered by Egaz Txorierri.

—At Egaz Txorierri, we have been managing workforce intermediation for over 20 years, helping people find jobs based on their interests and facilitating these applications for companies. Both people and companies develop and change the way they progress when faced with a job offer. The key to our service has been and continues to be our ability to adapt to changes, for example, the curriculum that has reached companies since 2014 can include competencies, i.e. people, as well as recording their experience and knowledge. your personal skills. After the pandemic, perhaps, considering the fact that technology is already an indisputable part of our personal relationships, we have taken one more step and decided to include video CV in all selection processes. Thanks to this, people were able to show not only their trajectory and qualities, but also them.

What advantages does it have? What other resources do they have?

—The feature of our tool is that companies also formulate the questions they think the most in line with the desired profile. Tell us why you are interested in this position, can you tell us why you chose your profession in English, what do you value most in a work team? …, these are some of the most frequently asked questions. Finding the right person is essential for a business to be successful, at our agency we are dedicated to this business, we pay special attention to being agile in management and giving people the same opportunities. We offer spaces for interviews and have all the up-to-date information on benefits and subsidies for recruitment.

One of the dynamics of the day touched on the ‘Workforce stethoscope’, what data were analyzed and what opportunities arose for companies after the job reform?

—In this section we were able to analyze the reality of the current labor market both in the Txorierri region and in Bizkaia and the Basque Country. Among the six municipalities that make up the valley, there is an unemployment rate almost four points below the rest of the province and three points below the Autonomous Community. Of the 113,758 people who do not have a job in Euskadi, 850 in absolute numbers reside in our districts. Women remain the most disadvantaged group, particularly with 446 and 307 without tertiary education.

What challenges do we have ahead of us?

—On the one hand, it is a twofold challenge to support the employment of all people, with special attention to those who suffer the most. On the other hand, to meet the demand for increasingly specialized professional profiles. After job reform, the employment contract is assumed to be indefinite, so companies are determined to recruit people who meet all their requirements. Training and developing cross-skills is the biggest challenge to overcome.

On the other hand, what are the different aids available for recruitment? Was there any company interest in requesting one during the event?

—At the meeting, the most suitable or previously expired grants were mentioned so that interested companies do not miss the opportunity. Among them, it is worth highlighting the assistance Lanbide offers to Lehen aukera, which aims to recruit people under the age of 30, whose amount can reach 13,970 euros and expires on 31 October 2022. The Derio City Council includes in the Employment Plan 2,000 Euros for the recruitment of people from this municipality. The term expires on November 30, 2022. Assistance for the execution of aid contracts or Private Employment Centers was also mentioned. Since each subsidy has specific requirements, we assist our organization in any case with management or processing. Finally, another employment support provided by the companies participating in the conference is 1,000 Euros for the first full-time indefinite contract to become official between 7 October and 31 December 2022. 26 applications, so we’re still doing it. Not knowing which company they will be assigned to and who will be the chosen one, we can almost say with certainty that this incentive will not go in vain and will soon promote another stable business in the region.

In 2021, 674 people’s access to employment was facilitated and they acted as an intermediary in 1,540 election processes, where 14,650 applications were managed. How do you evaluate these records?

—Our mission is to help as many people as possible, being unemployed is not pleasant, so when someone trusts our agency to support them in their job search, we put all our resources into helping them achieve their goal. Last year, we managed the largest number of selection processes we’ve ever done. In addition, we can say that the maximum number of applications is about 10 people for each job offer. We need to more or less multiply this amount by 5, as we’re directly informing far more people than those who eventually accepted the job. It is at this point that we understand that people are not only motivated by stability in a job, but also by other factors such as family reconciliation or professional development. Thanks to the resources we have; In person at the Employment Center, the development of Work Related and personal and professional skills, our lessons in Core Digital Tools and online registration to our Database in a blended format via our Employment Portal, 674 person figure Could be higher, almost double. This is our goal, that all the people we serve have job opportunities.

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