“Government should decide whether to increase or install a model that provides 185 thousand jobs”

"Government should decide whether to increase or install a model that provides 185 thousand jobs"


The period for adopting amendments to the new Sports Law Bill will expire on Tuesday, after which it will be at the expense of the process in the Senate.

Vinicius and Ter Stegen after Fede Valverde's league goal
Vinicius and Ter Stegen after Fede Valverde’s goal in the Bernabu classic.AFP

The deadlines for parliamentary approval of the new Draft Sports Law are running out, and professional football clubs are in a state of tension as they continue to intend to resort to coercive measures if the Government and political parties do not heed their demands. Except for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao, if the changes requested by 39 of the 42 clubs that make up the First and Second Division are not accepted in the Parliament tomorrow, these changes will remain at the expense of the process. Senate, more formal. Quico CatalanLevante president and member of the LaLiga Delegate Commission warns that a model that creates too much wealth is at stake, and angel haroBetis President emphasizes that it is a model that brings Spain to the forefront in the sector. Any scenario that weakens our position is unacceptable.

The three main changes on which the debate is based, first, refer to LaLiga’s desire for the Draft Sports Act to explicitly recognize the power of professional leagues to market their assets; this is something that creates situations of legal distrust. In addition, they insist that federations’ right to change their statutes must be accompanied by a mandatory report request from the affected professional leagues. Finally, these 39 clubs want to be licensed to compete in professional leagues, a clause that says the federations’ authority would prohibit it in other parallel competitions. For example, Super League.

This latest change is the one that found opposition from Real Madrid, who became president. Florentino Perezis the main organizer of the Super League. Likewise, the white club opposes the recognition of the right to commercialize professional leagues in the Law, because according to its own criteria, it may affect the clubs’ own existence in the future. This resulted in many lawsuits between Madrid and LaLiga that could not be abstracted from Florentino’s opposing position. Javier Thebes In the football battle between the LaLiga president and the Federation.

Guaranteed trade

The Presidents expressed that they wanted to distance these claims from the polarization of Spanish football and expressed this in their meeting with the Minister of Culture and Sports. miquel iceta. Until that day, I think the Government did not know that it was not a Tebas-Rubiales-Florentino problem, it was a club problem, insists the Levante leader, one of the addressees of that meeting. His colleague at Betis adds that the relationship between LaLiga and Federation presidents should be relevant or not affect law-making purposes.

We want to be able to commercialize what’s ours with warranties. But Cataln, against Madrid’s arguments, continues only common assets, not private ones. The leader explains that the government will have to decide whether to install this successful model, which creates about 185,000 jobs, creates a lot of wealth, generates 1.4% of GDP and contributes 50 million to the rest of sport. LaLiga convened an extraordinary Assembly next Thursday to decide what the status of employers is if its changes have not been discussed in Parliament. Parn is on the table.

CvC can trigger exit items

The clubs appeal takes place after the submission of the changes agreed with the PP and PSOE, which is canceled by the decision of the PP, despite being the first to submit them. They were eliminated by surprise, Haro insists. For this reason, the clubs requested to meet not only with the government, but also with the government. Alberto Nez Feijo. They believe that PP’s change of position is the product of the influence of the powerful, especially Madrid.

Barcelona sided with the white club in the Superliga and, moreover, did not accept a deal with CvC, a position to which Athletic is also attached. This deal with CvC, signed by the rest of the clubs because of a percentage of future rights sales, is what could be at stake by continuing in a case of legal distrust, according to Haro. CvC can activate contract release clauses. He adds that a plan key to rebuilding in the wake of the disastrous pandemic will be at stake. No one is unaware that if there were a Super League, the economic amount to pay for television rights would be to the detriment of LaLiga. We’ve grown a lot and well in recent years, and the Super League means stopping it by reducing our revenue.

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