Handball is on the rise at A Estrada

Handball is on the rise at A Estrada

Handball came to A Estrada and is doing it to walk on familiar ground. In the 70s and 80s, this sport triumphed behind omnipotent football in the municipality of Estrada. However, while over the years the Estradense handball project has been rolled back, it has continued to make its way into being a social-level benchmark in other towns in the state, such as neighboring Lalín. After more than three decades, handball wants to return to the Estrada courts and his first steps have been exciting.

The biggest supporters of this turn are the Galician Handball Federation and Concello de A Estrada. Their union was formed through a recently signed cooperation agreement so that the federation can benefit from good local sports facilities and Agasp housing for its activities. In return for this availability, the federal agency started a project to spread handball in the municipality.

At the head of this project is Jairo Bello, a man with extensive experience in the world of sports and handball. As he explained that the first goal was to establish a municipal sports school, this had to reach the children first. During the first weeks of classes, they organized handball exhibitions in all schools in Estrada. “They made us very welcome everywhere, they gave us about 30 or 35 minutes for each class to see a little bit of what handball is all about, because here it is no longer played in schools,” explains Bello, with the help of Lidia Rodiles. . “We saw that there were very attractive sports activities in A Estrada, but we also saw that the children were doing a lot of sports with very cheap and affordable sports schools,” he said.

Despite this wide offer, their passing through the schools allowed them to promote this sport in such a way that with the arrival of October and the opening of the municipal sports schools, they had already won many children. After the first four practices, they have a group of 25. “What we are looking for is that handball is not a passing school. We want it to take root in A Estrada,” Bello said.

This consolidation can be helped by the interest this project has aroused among former handball players at A Estrada, who are beginning to outline a possible project for the future.

Waiting for the premiere

Starting the municipal school with good acceptance appears to be the goal of the competition in the future. Jorge Bello thinks it’s still early for young players to face an official competition, but while it’s possible to join mid-season, it’s a measure taken by the federation to make room for new teams that can fully emerge. However, the coach believes that children’s desire to play should be stopped from the beginning until their knowledge is established. A team can then be found to play a friendly or attend events hosted by Xogade. “Competition is always a challenge for them. We’ve had four practices and they’re already asking when we’re going to play. But running too much can be harmful. We have to go step by step,” said the person in charge of the handball school in Estrada.

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