Health warning on flu in Andalusia: “Coming earlier and stronger this year”

Health warning on flu in Andalusia: "Coming earlier and stronger this year"

While the on-duty surveillance system has already detected 288 cases, it did not detect any cases last year.


Andalusian Junta Minister of Health and Consumption Catalina García confirmed that the flu came “more advanced and stronger” this year, as the sentry surveillance system showed that it had already detected 288 cases. detect none.

Therefore, it repeated the call for vaccination at the recommended age ranges. “If we get vaccinated, we will be able to pass the flu, but the important thing is that we will avoid serious diseases in both the covid vaccine and the flu vaccine,” he said. University of Jaén.

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García explained that it is not yet possible to say that “vaccination campaigns against these respiratory viruses have stalled,” given that data for one month are not yet available. It will be at the end of October when an “assessment” will be made to analyze the vaccination rate compared to last year.

“If we’re not going at a good pace, we’re going to have to take extraordinary steps in November to promote the agent and further facilitate access to the vaccine in places where the vaccine rate is lower,” he said.

García claimed this Monday, after noting the start of the second dose of the covid-19 vaccine against flu for people over 60 and inmates, as well as for the State Security Forces and Bodies and other professions, with the use of masks, especially by the most vulnerable. “the greatest protection and barrier”.

In this sense, he emphasized that citizens “normalized” the coronavirus, “but there is a danger”, “it is still here” and continues to cause deaths. “We hardly need to convince the elderly because they have been vaccinated from 65 to 99 percent of this booster dose. Maybe that’s where you need to convince at other ages.”

On the other hand, from the age of 65, he thought, “yes, it is necessary to persuade for the flu vaccine”. This is not the case for pregnant women, another risk group, “super-conscious” and “76.5 percent vaccinated, 20 points above average”.


This is the path to be followed by citizens who, as he himself emphasizes, specifically point out to “parents of children” between six months and 59 months, and who started to be vaccinated this year. first time.

In parallel, the Health Director stated that “the highest incidence of influenza is at that age”, that they “have an incidence of hospitalization equal to that of the elderly” and that they are “carriers of respiratory virus infection”.

Also, a call highlighted considering that the flu “comes sooner and stronger” as confirmed in the southern hemisphere in 2022, with the “already clear” data and “what is happening in Germany, to return to mask use due to flu data and increase in covid” where they want ».

“We know we will get a raise. Last year, sentry surveillance systems found no cases of flu; This does not mean that it does not exist, but that the system does not detect it. It has already detected 288 cases this year. “This means that the virus is already here, circulating and will be strong,” he said.

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