“I claim the mistolobos Deportes Kendall is back and explain how to get somewhere in Seville via churches and bars”

"I claim the mistolobos Deportes Kendall is back and explain how to get somewhere in Seville via churches and bars"

writer and journalist Julio Munoz Gijon surprised his readers, and especially followers of comic stale novels, with something new about the famous Asesino de la Regañá. It’s been ten years since the saga’s first adventure came to light, and it looks like it’s not over, as it’s available for purchase in bookstores from November 7. ‘Diary of the Regañá Killer’ (Editor Walk).

To whet your appetite, Sevillian posted a video on social networks in which she read an excerpt from the newspaper in question and burst into laughter when she saw the reflection of her words.

This is about what Seville means to him. And here’s the killer’s diary:

«What is Seville? I claim someone I love. I claim to use ‘gachon’ take time to talk about someone, cross over sierpes street Not to stop and say hi, to show my son (if any) where he is Little bird in St. Peter’s SquareThe story of La Buena Pipa and what is the difference between ‘toast’ and ‘rebaná’? I demand a refund Mystolobos, Sports Kendallknow what tapa you must order at each bar and explain how to get somewhere from churches and bars.

I pretend you have to play Ofelia Nieto’s rose To get married and this person is not from Seville, unless there is a photo of a child surrounded Pigeons in Maria Luisa park, that’s it. I bet, and if you’re a good Sevillian, you will too. incense they always improve that there is no better sound than a sofrito, one dose of albero per year are mandatory and that any word pasted after ‘face’ is a valuable insult, but none equals ‘cage face’.

I demand the glassman’s oranges, hippie lake You have to know more and do tourism outside of Sevilla. Matalascanas and Chipiona they should be enough. I claim that the dream of a Sevillian is to one day be in the exhibitor of the exhibition. photographer Luis Cruz and this recycling was invented here: from pringa, croquettes, hard bread, gazpacho, a mattress, a farm door and a tub, a fountain for cows.

Attention here: I demand your foot Naked NostrumGo back to putting on the helmets of the litrons, the cut ice cream, the napkin clamped around the neck, and the untied trouser button. I claim perol fries, on thursday Vizcaíno on Calle Feria and Sunday in the Cabildo. The salad dressing is salt, vinegar, and oil. And in Seville the unit of time is neither time nor minute, this bottle.

I pretend I went with your grandfather to see La Borriquita and La Paz next to the park. I claim to know your masked comrade only from his walk in the section from 300 meters away. I condemn the Malajes waiters, those who get angry when they enter the table without permission, those who know and recite the entire menu, and those who want seven kinds of coffee on the table and do not even need to write. I pretend to know what time it is If there are police or taxi drivers in El Trini. I claim chalk beads on a sheet metal rod and sawdust on the ground. Being a good Sevillian I would argue that the smaller the serving the better the bars and there is no nicer color combination than white and white.

I argue that if Seville can’t be, get triana. I claim the list of colonies is long, cartel Detective Larry, the noise of the passing carriages and no matter how many names it has, for La Ronda is La Ronda. I would argue that comparisons are an inexhaustible source of humor and optimism as a flag. Because if a Sevillian tells you you’re sick, you’re much better off than having them tell you that. ‘organised’.

I claim marinated barbels, the sound of the fork beating eggs for a French omelette, or walking at dawn in summer and listening to the sound of movies on TV from the windows. The only reason someone can cry in the street, Huge power forward, which Hope is only lost by Purityand one cannot believe in God, but believe in God Macarena on Parras Street. I argue that Sevilla does not need to change, because no change will improve it.”

The author concludes by inviting everyone who has read the previous novels to be encouraged by this novel that closes the circle: motivations that come from within.. There are statements about Seville and the history of the murderer». It also adds: It doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the previous ones.because it’s the beginning of everything, the front part.

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