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in 2010 Oscar Nogueras He established a translation department at the training company he worked for. The owners of that company didn’t pay much attention to translations: “They said they didn’t want to know anything about translations because it wasn’t their industry” – recalls Óscar – “That was the essence of the company we are in now. ”; well, OnTranslation.

OnTranslation is a translation agency Criterion in transcription in Spain. Barcelona-based translators specializing in e-commerce and digital marketing accompany companies and entrepreneurs in their internationalization processes by removing communication barriers. They are responsible for the management and execution of translation projects, saving the company not only technical task but also planning, coordination and quality control.

You are a translation agency specializing in transcription, how would you describe your job?

Our aim is to assist companies in their internationalization process until they succeed in doing business in other countries. Based on the features of our customers’ products or services, we create the best multilingual communication strategy by creating texts suitable for the target culture that try to persuade potential customers until they become ambassadors of the company brand.

This means that you consider all the needs, opportunities and strengths of companies as you expand into new languages, markets and cultures. What are the most common needs you find in these companies?

We are fortunate to have a substantial client base who understand that culture and cultural differences are key when doing business in other countries. That’s why they ask us not only for web or e-commerce localization, but also for cultural advice before entering a new market.

These are the projects that we enjoy the most and create an internationalization strategy that is as effective and profitable as possible together with our customers.

What sets you apart from the competition?

Our translation expertise, transcription and SEO translation for online shops are undoubtedly our most distinctive services. Likewise, one of the core values ​​of Ontranslation is that we are the people in contact with people.

While it is true that we embrace automations and streamline processes, we must not forget that any B2B business is run between people. That’s why we have a customer experience manager responsible for guiding the entire organization to pamper customers, both external and our collaborators, until they become friends who come to recommend us.

You’ve built a network of local language pros from Ontranslation, does that get you anywhere?

effectively. Working in a network and through projects we have the cooperation of local professionals specialized in many different sectors. This allows us to translate into almost any language and any industry. Tell us what you need and we will try our best to help you.

You also have professional experts in digital marketing and e-commerce. Does this help you advise companies better?

As I mentioned, although we are a 360º multilingual translation and communication company, we specialize in e-commerce and digital marketing, so it is an industry we are very comfortable with.

That’s why SEO and SEM transcription or translation services and lately web copywriting with SEO are the most in-demand services.

Which communication areas of companies do you cover?

We meet any communication needs that a client may have in the process of doing business in other languages. This includes web localization, translation of marketing campaigns, revision or translation of newsletters, as well as translation services at conferences or meetings, or captioning of promotional or training videos.

What technological tools do you use in your daily life? How do they help you improve services?

Because these are such a wide variety of projects, we work with the classic tools of a translation agency, such as assisted translation programs, terminology managers and dictionaries, as well as competitive analysis and keyword search teams or network management platforms.

You have been working for 10 years, have you noticed that companies’ desire for internationalization has increased thanks to technological and digital progress?

While the number of companies looking to do business internationally has steadily increased, we have seen a significant increase since the pandemic. Thanks to internationalization, many companies have realized that cross-border selling is necessary not only to expand the business, but in many cases to survive in the current context.

What are your plans for 2023?

By 2023, we want to continue to expand and attract more international customers to our ranks, without forgetting to perfect our flagship services such as online store localization, SEO translation and transcription.

Do you think technology will replace the translator?

Two types of services will mark the future of the translation industry: on the one hand, neural machine translation will continue to evolve and produce increasingly accurate texts. Considering that we are in an increasingly globalized world and there is a huge amount of content being produced that needs to be translated, this is extraordinary.

But on the other hand, all these language services related to cultural associations and purchase persuasion will remain human. Here I doubt that any artificial intelligence can improve the language and culture mastery of a veteran linguist. That’s why At Ontranslation, we are committed to high-value services such as transcription and SEO and SEM translation that will be key to the digital marketing-dominated future.

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