José Luis Manzano powers the local energy business

José Luis Manzano powers the local energy business

Mendoza businessman Joseph Louis Manzano join as partner or shareholder of a group of companies they are also shareholders of important companies such as Edenor and Metrogas, including Integra Capital; Phoenix Global Resources; intermediate oil; Integrated Oil and Gas; Forest Maria Oil; And PLC; Integrated Gas Distribution; Andes Energy; Ketsal-Kilwer. Now just add one new asset to your pool of entrepreneursAfter the acquisition of 50% of Refinor’s capital put up for sale by Pampa Energía and Pluspetrol.

Furthermore, he is the partner of the businessman. Daniel Villa He is in the media business, in which he controls the majority stake in the Mendoza portal UNO, as well as in Grupo América and the newspaper El Cronista.

Similarly, together they own Pamar, a construction company specializing in gas pipelines; oil and gas pipelines, process plants, power distribution networks, fiber optic networks and sanitation works.

One of the businessmen trusted by the Minister of Economy, Serj Massa, and an active political operator, as well as participating in various business sectors mostly linked to the energy and hydrocarbon world. He also became an icon of Menemism after serving at the Ministry of the Interior in the 1990s.

In the case of the businessman Marcelo Mindlin group, Group A owns 28.5% of the shares, while the oil company controls a 21.5% stake and YPF owns the remaining 50%. Manzano closed the operation through Hidrocarburos del Norte, another company owned by Integra Capital.

In Mindlin’s case, the businessman chose an old acquaintance in the energy and hydrocarbon business to leave the company involved in the oil refining business; gas industrialization; Shipping of products and marketing and sale of fuels, given that Manzano is also part of the company that acquired a majority stake in Edenor in December 2021.

The businessman bought 50% of Refinor shares held by Pampa Energía and Pluspetrol.

The businessman became a partner in YPF by purchasing 50% of Refinor shares held by Pampa Energía and Pluspetrol.

He did this in partnership with Daniel Vila and Mauricio Filiberti and with them paid almost US$200 million for the largest electricity distributor in Argentina, at the time owned by Pampa Energía and offered for sale as part of that company. The same strategic restructuring plan for the asset portfolio undertaken by the Mindlin holding company, which is now split from Refinor.

Command change

Manzano appointed two of his most trusted executives to the company’s board of directors as the first step to landing Refinor: LindorMartin, currently serving as head of Oil & Gas at Integra Capital and will now be the new head of Refinor. Same way, Nicholas Mallo Huergo’s photo.The owner of Integra Capital will act as vice president of the company, both as representatives of Hidrocarburos del Norte.

According to the company’s statement, “Committed to delighting our customers as well as promoting and maintaining a safe, inspiring world, we will continue to generate energy that enhances northern Argentina’s development by facilitating its connection with other regions, the working environment and innovative, respectful of high social and environmental responsibility standards. “.

Currently, Refinor operates a network of 92 service stations and a 1100 km pipeline from Campo Durán (Salta) to Montecristo, Córdoba province, feeding the shipping facilities in Güemes (Salta), Banda Rio I (Tucumán).

It also has several service centers located in seven provinces in the north and center of the country, carrying kerosene via pipeline; gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (butane and propane) for petrochemical and automotive use.

At Campo Durán it receives crude oil and natural gas from the northwest basin and Bolivia. In the case of the refinery, also located in the Campo Durán region, it processes crude oil and natural gas from the Northwest basin and southern Bolivia. It has a daily processing capacity of 4.000 m3 of crude oil and 20.35 million m3 of gas per day.

As part of its plans, Manzano will work to develop Vaca Muerta gas

Manzano will seek to promote Vaca Muerta gas as part of Refinor plans

Last May, he obtained several bank loans for $200 million from Refinor, Hipotecario, Patagonia and BBVA; $600 million and $900 million, respectively, were primarily for repayment of debts arising from their businesses.

cool backgrounds

With the involvement of Manzano and his group, Refinor’s aim will be to capitalize on commercial opportunities with fresh funds to contribute from Integra Capital to capture the remaining Medanito crude in Vaca Muerta.

According to a memo published by the Ecojournal private portal, Refinor’s new leadership will increase the company’s supply activities to the northwest, increased diesel demand due to lithium-related mining activity, and its potential to export fuel to Bolivia and Paraguay. the future.

“With a commitment to delight our customers, to foster and maintain a safe, inspiring and innovative work environment that respects high standards, we will continue to generate energy that enhances northern Argentina’s development by facilitating its connection with other regions. social and environmental responsibility,” they added from the firm.

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