La Palma health center features a new digital radiology room

digital radiology room

Drawing. Andalusian Health Service (SAS), through the Condado-Campiña Health Care District, improves the quality of health care. Assistance to residents of La Palma del Condado with the inclusion of a new digital radiology room It improves the resolution capacity of professionals and the quality of diagnostic tests for patients who need it.

The regional delegate of the branch, Manuela Caro, visited the digital radiology room today, accompanied by the town’s mayor Manuel García Félix and the regional manager Antonio Ortega. The start-up with a purchase investment of 66,550 euros is part of a project promoted by Huelva Health Zones to completely replace existing diagnostic equipment in health centers in its area of ​​​​influence. in order to strengthen the health resources available to the public.

Thus, the digitalization process of radiology services, which started in 2019 in the Primary Healthcare Areas (ZBS) in Almonte, Ayamonte and Andévalo Occidental (Puebla de Guzmán), continued with the new room equipped for Gibraleón in 2020. With the installation of this latest piece of equipment on the La Palma ZBS, the Huelva-Costa and Condado-Campiña Health Districts continue their firm commitment to improve their diagnostic capabilities, which will be complemented by the digitization of what remains in the ZBS. Bollullos Par del County and Lepe.

The new room installed in La Palma replaces the previously existing analogue room and incorporates the latest technology in the field. In particular, it has focused on diagnostic imaging studies of the internal structures of the body, which are planned or requested by the family physician in an emergency.

Compared to traditional devices of this type, digital radiology offers many advantages for both patients and professionals. Most notably, it improves the quality of the diagnostic test due to higher contrast and sensitivity, reduces the amount of radiation emitted by up to 40%, and includes the use of a system that is much more environmentally friendly. plaques and relics produced by conventional development.

It also enables the images to be integrated into the patient’s digital health history and can be instantly analyzed and studied by the family physician on his computer.

The radiology room in La Palma works Monday through Friday morning and afternoon with two X-ray technicians. It provides coverage to both the population residing in the area and the rest of the municipalities that make up this Primary Health Zone: Escacena del Campo, Manzanilla, Paterna del Campo, Villalba del Alcor and Villarrasa.

In addition to this digital radiology room, the Districts purchased six new dental chairs to refurbish this equipment in their dental office, one of which is located in La Palma. The investment in this action, which included the purchase of much more modern seats with wet suction systems to improve the service to the population and the work of professionals as a whole, amounted to 48,000 euros.

Expansion of facilities

In line with these latest developments, the Ministry of Health and Consumption undertook the expansion and reform of the health center of Palmerian town, which was opened last February, within the framework of the investment program in health infrastructures developing the Junta de Andalucía. in the province of Huelva. Its cost was 240,611 Euros.

This expansion allowed the health center to increase its surface area by adding, in addition to the main building, a new building consisting of five examination rooms, a waiting room, a warehouse and toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility. About 206 square meters of facilities.

These efforts are focused on improving the quality of health care for the population, adapting the center to new care needs, as well as to the conditions in which professionals operate.

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