Maximum intensity weekend for Rugby Aranda .- Sports – Hemeroteca

Maximum intensity weekend for Rugby Aranda .- Sports - Hemeroteca

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Practically all parts of the club became active and mobilized a large number of players in different categories and scenarios. One of the most important news comes from the men’s team playing in Castilla y León in the ASISA league. Players from Arandinos achieved a great victory by defeating Salvador C 17-34 at Pepe Rojo fields in Valladolid.

The match started with a clear lead from the Rugby Aranda forwards, clearly winning their offense and retaking those of El Salvador. This led to having high ball to play. Tuches were pretty even and each team was able to play their own game. The first rehearsal came very soon after, three minutes later, after some beautiful game phases where the forwards managed to top the scoring area. After 11 minutes, the balancer came as a result of a ball lost on offense that El Salvador knew how to exploit. The game continued with Aranda’s clear dominance in every aspect. The defensive work of their forwards was excellent and hindered the progress of El Salvador’s forwards. On offense, thanks to his good ball handling, he was able to play fast in three quarters and gained meters for the forwards to finish the game on the scoring area and take 2 more tries to bring the score 5-17 in 21 minutes.

El Salvador balanced and tied in the 34th minute. However, Aranda quickly reorganized himself and was able to take another try thanks to the three quarters, thus bringing the score 17-22 to finish the first half with a tight result as planned. In the initially open second half, Rugby Aranda continued to dominate the game, blocking Salvador’s progress and making two more attempts on the offense at the 52nd and 69th minutes. The match thus ended with a final score of 17-34.

With this result and if he continues along this line, Rugby Aranda could consider being among the top four in the league and play in the playoffs. The next day, Saturday, November 5th, it will be played against Salamanca, another very strong opponent aiming to qualify for the playoffs.

School: 1st concentration of North Asisa CyL league Performance and promotion.

The day was expected to be rainy, but fortunately the weather was suitable for boys and girls to enjoy their first games of the season. The day took place in León, at the CHF sports facilities and the Puente Castro rugby ground, where more than 50 players from the Aranda Rugby school were mobilized.

The first to play were the M6 ​​and M8 at the premises of the Puente Castro rugby field. M6 faced El Bierzo, Salamanca Rojo and Arroyo Blanco, while M8 faced El Salvador B, Vrac A/B and Burgos Blanco. Meanwhile, at the CHF sports facilities, Rugby Aranda U10 team competed against Burgos N/A, Bierzo and Vrac A/B, and U12 team competed with El Salvador Gris and Burgos Amarillo. Sporting results have varied with victories and losses, but what matters is that the entire Rugby Aranda club school competes to have fun, have fun and gradually all boys and girls love rugby. All of this would not have been possible without the cooperation and support of the entire Rugby Aranda family, both the coaching team and the school’s parents, as they are the ones who contribute to the growth of the club every day.

Bottom 16: 3rd day of Asisa Cy L league 22/23

This Saturday, the boys and girls of Rugby Aranda U16 faced El Salvador at the Pepe Rojo facilities in Valladolid. With years of school behind it and starting to compete to continue training, this team is called the generational replacement of the Senior team. Rugby Aranda has a very good quarry and great players like those who formed Rugby Aranda’s first youth team in 2007 and players like Oscar Casado and many others who continue to be part of the first team today. Undoubtedly, these boys and girls are the sporting future of the Club, thanks to the circumstances they are in. Hence the importance of having a great school like all major CYL clubs.

In sport, the El Salvador team excelled in offense and achieved a clear victory, while Rugby Aranda defended with a large claw throughout the game without lowering its arms. Winning and losing are two ways to learn in this sport.

CyL concentration selection Sub-16 and Sub-18

The 1st call-up for the CYL U-16 and U-18 women’s teams this Sunday was attended by 8 U-16 players from Rugby Aranda. The next meeting will take place on Sunday, November 6, at which time the final roster of players to make up each of the teams will be determined. At the club they hope the girls from Rugby Aranda will be part of the regional team.

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