Mbapp signs best contract in sports history

Mbapp signs best contract in sports history


If he completes his three years with PSG, exceeding the contract Messi signed with Bara in 2017, collect a gross of 630 million euros.

Al-Khelaifi with Mbapp
Al-Khelaifi with Mbapp after signing the contract.AP

Kylian MbappThe Paris Saint-Germain striker is on the table with a future soap opera and an offer from Real Madrid, having signed the best contract in football and sports history with the French club last May.

According to the newspaper this Sunday Parisian. mbapp fee 630 million Gross Euros if he completes the two-year contract plus the third optional year he will sign with the French club. This amount will be divided into different concepts and will reach a monthly gross of six million Euros.

The figure exceeds that contract i signed Leo Messi in 2017 with Barcelona and exclusively disclosed World. Argentine star signed contract €555 millioncurrently second in sports history, Kansas City Chiefs’ American football player ahead of 510, Patrick Mahomes.

loyalty bonus

Mbapp’s salary, after going through various tax cuts, 210 million netHe represents a quarter of the entire budget of the French club.

Mbapp will receive a gross salary of 72 million euros per season; but in addition to this, it should be added accordingly. Parisian180 million that PSG paid him just for the replacement. For comparison, Messi received a premium of 97,941,250 euros specifically in Barcelona for the same concept. received in two payments.

The document also includes a loyalty bonus, which means increasing the figure for each year the Frenchman decides to stay at the club: 70 million if he continues to play in 2023, 80 million in 2024 and 90 million in 2025.

And everything turns out just when it turns out that the striker is not happy at the club and wants to leave because he is president. Nasser Al-Khelaifi He would not keep his word and said it was not a financial issue. Information that Mbapp denies.

Neymar, Cristiano, Ballet, Pogba…

Messi’s contract had a reward of 3,548,644 euros. If champions winsomething that doesn’t exist, and it’s very likely that Mbapp pocketed another good figure in his contract to achieve that goal.

Kylian, who will turn 24 in December, is not just developing his Messi contract. Also the signer Neymar precisely with PSG when Messi’s stratospheric contract was signed the most expensive signing in football history after paying Barcelona 222 million in 2017. The change meant that the Brazilian claimed 267m euros in six seasons until 2023.

The football player, who signed twice after Neymar’s contract, maintains his place in the history of football. Cristiano Ronaldo220 million with both Juventus and Real Madrid. Next up will be the one who scratched him. Gareth Bale a Florentino Perez178 million euros for six seasons and subsequently participating Paul Pogba 113 million for five seasons with Manchester United.

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